The extreme Instagram vs. reality transformations going viral

Penny Burfitt
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Instagram is essentially an airbrushed peephole into the world.

Face filters, photoshop, light adjustment and the good old staged-candid all contribute to what is often an artificial reflection of someone’s real life.

One influencer knows this all too well, and she’s shining a harsh but hilarious light on the reality of life behind the camera.

One of fan's favourite posts is this 'in front of the camera/ behind the camera' shot. Photo: Instagram/rianne.meijer

A recent post from the trailblazer gained thousands of likes and comments for its highly unusual content.

It showed the model looking fabulous while posing in a skimpy singlet and very brief bikini bottoms.

The next photo showed her from behind, caught at the kind of angle anyone who's been at the mercy of a true candid beach photo knows all too well.

The woman behind the snap, and dozens more like it, is Instagram personality Rianne Meijer.

Rianne Meijer has a new approach to instagram. photo: instagram/ rianne.meijer

A refreshing approach

Based in Amsterdam, Rianne has set herself apart by taking her followers behind the good, bad and ugly of getting the perfect Instagram snap.

“For me it was the perfect way to give the influencer life a nice twist,” the model told Yahoo Lifestyle, and the result is hilarious.

There was the very saucy french croissant shot that couldn’t have looked more idyllic, but the second, ‘in progress’ photo the model shared was far from glamorous.

This could be the new face of Instagram. Photo: Instagram/rianne.meijer
Instagram vs. reality shots like this have gained the influencer a loyal following. Photo: Instagram/rianne.meijer

Another picture that could be from a Lana Del Rey music video wowed the influencer’s followers, but it turns out it wasn’t a one-shot wonder.

It panned out exactly as you might imagine.

She’s peppered a page full of gorgeous travel shots with the side-splitting ‘befores’, and she says it’s not just about getting a giggle out of her followers.

A movie star moment took more than one take. Photo: Instagram/rianne.meijer

Changing a ‘superficial’ experience into a positive one

“It was definitely meant as a joke,” Rianne told Yahoo Lifestyle. “But most of all it was meant to shine some light on the fact that the pictures you see on Instagram are 1 in a couple (of) hundred.”

Fans of the model have embraced the trend wholeheartedly, and she has gained almost 375k followers, with her posts racking up tens of thousands of likes.

Enviable travel snaps are a staple of the page. Photo: Instagram/rianne.meijer
As are more realistic holiday reflections. Photo: Instagram/rianne.meijer

Rianne said it helped turn her own experience with social media around.

“It always felt a little superficial and a little meaningless. With the reality I (chose to) show, I gave my profile a meaning,” she said, adding she wants people leaving her page feeling positive and uplifted.

Judging from the comments on the shots, she’s more than reaching her goal.

“I honestly really appreciate this post (sic),” one fan wrote.

“Haha love those posts,” said another.

Rianne is one of many influencers turning the Instagram game on its head.

Aussie model Taylah Roberts made a similar point with a hilariously relatable change room selfie earlier this year.

Other Instagram personalities have won thousands of followers embracing their cellulitecelebrating saggy skin, and embracing the power and beauty of mum bodies.

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