Twitter rallies behind 'beautiful couple' who got engaged in KFC

A couple got engaged in KFC and the internet is loving it. [Photo: Getty]

Because sometimes the internet can be a truely amazing vehicle for good, Twitter users have rallied behind a couple online after they got engaged in a KFC.

The man decided to make the ultimate commitment to his partner at a South African branch of the global fast food franchise and the footage of the moment soon went viral online.

In the video, shared on Twitter by KFC South Africa’s official account, the groom kneels down and proposes to his girlfriend while happy customers look on. The clip received tens of thousands of likes and even led to the trending hashtag #KFCProposal.

KFC South Africa asked for help locating the happy couple, whom they later identified as a man called Bhut’ Hector and his girlfriend Nonhlanhla.

And while some people felt the need to rain on their parade and complain about the ‘cheap’ nature of the proposal, most quickly jumped on board to find the couple and offer them all sorts of help in the lead up to their special day.

Photo: Twitter

The viral fame has already proved lucrative for the lucky couple, with businesses falling over themselves to help accommodate the couple’s special day.

Audi South Africa has offered up the wedding transport.

Photo: Twitter

Other offerings include the bride being offered jewellery and a dress by South African retailer Forever New, and the couple being offered canned sparkling wine.

Photo: Twitter
Photo: Twitter

There’s even whispers of a job offer.

What’s more, the couple seem to be in for a “Finger Lickin’ Good surprise” from their proposal venue of choice... so watch this space.

Photo: Twitter

While for some, fast food and weddings may not be a natural pairing, there’s clearly a demand among some couples to have their favourite vendors involved in their big day.

Just this year KFC Australia launched weddings for chicken lovers as of November.

In a new promotion, six lucky nugget lovers and popcorn chicken enthusiasts will be able to bring their passion for poultry to the wedding day at no cost.

The fried chicken specialists are inviting die hard fans to ‘put a wing on it’ and say cock-a-doodle-I-do over an iconic bucket of deep fried delicious.

With additional reporting by Francesca Specter.

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