Kerri-Anne Kennerley's most controversial Studio 10 moments

Kerri-Anne Kennerley is the latest to lose out in the cuts being made by Channel 10, reportedly being axed from daytime program Studio 10 along with Natarsha Belling today.

The host has stirred up plenty of controversy during her time on the show, often dividing viewers with shock comments and political statements.

Kerri -Anne Kennerley leaves Studio 10 after lots of controversy
Kerri-Anne Kennerley has said goodbye to Studio 10 after a drama-filled stint. Photo: Ten

The host has openly admitted she likes breaking the rules of ‘political correctness’ saying she "can't resist" making the politically incorrect statements that have previously landed her in hot water during her career in TV during an interview on Sky News' The Death of the Aussie Larrikin?,

From comments labelled ‘racist’, to jokingly calling for protesters to be run over, here is a look back at some of Kerri-Anne’s most controversial moments as a Studio 10 host.

Kerri-Anne’s ‘racist’ Australia Day clash with Yumi Stynes

Kerri-Anne Kennerley Australia day Yumi Styne controversy
Kerri-Anne stirred up controversy when. she said Australia Day protesters were distracting from children being 'raped' in the outback. Photo: Ten

Back in 2019, Kerri-Anne and Yumi Stynes clashed in a big way during a debate on changing the date of Australia Day, after Kerri-Anne slammed protestors for what she said was a double standard.

The argument kicked off on Studio 10 as the panel discussed the protests against Australia Day with Kerri-Anne suggesting protesters and their supporters should instead be more concerned about what is happening in Indigenous communities.

She said: "The 5,000 people who went through the streets making their points known, saying how inappropriate the day is - has any single one of those people been out to the Outback, where children, babies, five-year-olds, are being raped?"

Yumi Stynes says Kerri-Anne Kennerley 'racist' for Indigenous Australian rape comment
Yumi said Kerri-Anne was 'sounding quite racist' after the comments. Photo: Ten

She continued: "Their mothers are being raped, their sisters are being raped. They get no education. What have you done?"

Yumi jumped in, saying: "That is not even faintly true, Kerri-Anne. You're sounding quite racist right now."

Kerri-Anne quickly told Yumi that she was "offended", but Yumi didn't step down, instead adding: "Well keep going then, because every time you open your mouth you’re sounding racist."

“You’re actually connecting rape, child abuse and you’re drawing a straight line” Yumi said.

Kerri-Anne later clarified her comments in a piece in The Daily Telegraph where she acknowledged she could have been “smoother and clearer” on the matter, but remained firm on her opinion that more “pressing” issues surrounding Indigenous communities should delay the 26 January Australia Day date debate.

Yumi Stynes later pulled out of further appearances on the program.

Kerri-Anne says climate change protestors should be ‘used as speed bump’

Kerri-Anne Kennerley slams Extinction Rebellion protesters saying they should be run over on Studio Ten
Kerri-Anne called for emergency services to leave protesters to save themselves, suggesting they be used as 'speed bumps'. Photo: Ten

In October 2019, Kerri-Anne prompted official complaints when she called for climate change protestors from the Extinction Rebellion group who were disrupting traffic at the time to be ‘used as speed bumps’.

The comments were part of a panel discussion over the arrests of protesters, and Channel 10 later claimed they were said in ‘jest’ and as part of a ‘balanced’ discussion from the panel.

When asked by co-host Sarah Harris about her take on the protesters being arrested, Kerri-Anne said: “Personally, I would leave them all super glued to wherever they do it.”

“No emergency services should help them, nobody should do anything, and you just put little witches hats around them, or use them as a speed bump.”

Despite the other panellists’ protests, she added another comment that further fuelled the fire.

“Put them in jail, forget to feed them,” she continued.

“(Or) some of the aged care homes around Australia, that would really sort them out.”

A spokesperson for the protest group slammed the comments though it never resulted in an apology from Kerri-Anne or the network.

Kerri-Anne shames journalist with ‘no pants’ comment on air

Kerri-Anne Kenenrley insults reporter Antoinette Lattouf (centre)on air on Studio 10 'slut shaming' comment
Kerri-Anne asked Antoinette Lattouf (centre) if she 'forgot her pants' during a live Studio 10 segment. Photo: Ten

Kerri-Anne once again had complaints phoned in after she took a stab at her own side during a Studio 10 segment, calling out journalist Antoinette Lattouf for wearing a short jumpsuit.

Antoinette was appeared on the show in December as a guest reporter for a segment on slang words when Kerri-Anne made the not-so-subtle dig.

“Did you forget your pants?” the 66-year-old asked Antoinette in a strange diversion from the conversation around emojis the two were initially having.

Co-panellists were audible taken aback, and Antoinette looked visibly hurt for a moment before swiftly recovering with a light comment explaining her outfit.

Antoinette Lattouf alled out by Kerri Anne 'forgot you pants?' segment
Antoinette Lattouf was called out by Kerri-Anne live on national television. Photo: Ten

“It’s a playsuit,” she told the veteran TV journalist.

Co-host Angela Bishop jumped into her rescue, complimenting the summery look.

“And she looks unbelievable,” the host quickly injected, but not before Kerri-Anne could follow up the comment.

“And she’s going to be thirsty,” the 66-year-old said, in a nod to their earlier discussion of the meaning of the slang word.

‘Thirsty’ is often used to describe someone who is aroused or seeking sex, and considered by many to be an offensive descriptor to sling a fellow professional’s way on live TV.

Kerri-Anne reportedly phone Lattouf to apologise following the incident, after viewers phoned in to complain while the segment was still airing.

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