Kelly Clarkson Stuns Fans With Cover of ‘Underrated’ Song

Kelly Clarkson impresses fans with a cover of her own song on ‘The Kelly Clarkson Show.’ Above, Clarkson is photographed during a May 2024 episode of her daytime talk show.

Fans of Kelly Clarkson don’t quite know how she does it, but they’re certain that the American Idol alum’s "voice and singing only get better” as time goes on.

During the “Kellyoke” segment of her daytime talk show on Tuesday, June 4, the “Since U Been Gone” singer dusted off one of the songs from her 2003 debut album Thankful. Wearing a black turtleneck and shiny black snakeskin skirt, Clarkson took the stage with her band on The Kelly Clarkson Show for a performance of “Beautiful Disaster.”

Clarkson, 42, flawlessly applied her powerful voice to lyrics she initially introduced to fans more than two decades ago. "Keep the #Kellyoke Classics coming! 🎶,” her NBC show applauded while sharing a clip from the performance on Instagram.

A few of the “Because of You” singer’s fans left comments on the Instagram post noting that they got “goosebumps” while watching the clip. Some thanked her for the performance and echoed the show’s request to “Keep the classics coming 🙌👏.”

“This song is so dangerously underrated!” one fan declared as another said it “gets better with age 😭😭.”

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“I wasn’t ready for this 😭,” one fan admitted as another said they’d reacted especially to the song’s final three lines, writing, “Her talent is so great because of her authenticity!”

One Instagram user said they were in the audience for Clarkson’s June 4 show and shared their reaction to watching her sing. “I got to experience this live and the whole time I was thinking ‘this camera is going to catch me with a wide open mouth in shock and crying,’” they wrote. The Instagram user then called Clarkson "an absolute talent and treasure” and wrote, “From an OG fan, thank you for that moment. I walked out of there speechless. ❤️.”

Clarkson often impresses people with the songs she chooses for her “Kellyoke” performances. While she has covered her own material before, her singing never fails to move her fans.

“Only Kelly can manage to out do herself on her own songs,” one fan wrote as another asked, “is there anything she CANT sing.”

In a reminder of Clarkson’s beginnings, another fan declared her “The one and only American idol with one hell of a voice.”

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