Will Katy Perry Plan Her Wedding After 'American Idol' Exit?

Katy Perry

It’s been a couple of months since Katy Perry announced on the Feb. 12 episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live! that she will be leaving American Idol at the end of the current season.

She told the talk show host, “I think this probably will be my last show, my last season for Idol. I mean, I love Idol so much. It’s connected me with the heart of America, but I feel like I need to go out and feel that pulse to my own beat.”

That beat may be the new music that Katy has been in the studio working on, but how about the possibility of finally having the time to plan her wedding to fiancé Orlando Bloom after the May 19 Idol finale? After all, the couple has been engaged since Valentine's Day 2019.

Katy Perry, Orlando Bloom<p>Photo by Taylor Hill/Getty Images</p>
Katy Perry, Orlando Bloom

Photo by Taylor Hill/Getty Images

“It’s definitely making space for a lot of different things,” Katy told Parade at the American Idol Top 10 Tastemaker Event. “Not that Idol took a ton of time. I’ve really enjoyed all of my time on the show. And it doesn’t even feel like a job. I’m really excited to go out and see the world again with my music, so that’s what I plan on doing in the future.”

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Katy and Orlando are the parents of 3½ year-old daughter Daisy Dove and the “Roar” singer previously told People that she was “hopeful” about having more children with her fiancé. So, is this the right time?

“I think it’s really about what I get to do when I see the world,” Katy said when asked. “I think that’s really what I’m looking forward to. Also, bringing my daughter on the road. She’s never been on the road. So, I’m excited to go to every zoo around the world or every playground around the world. That’s what I’ll be doing on my days off.”

Katy Perry<p>Disney/Eric McCandless</p>
Katy Perry

Disney/Eric McCandless

As for her final season on American Idol—at least for now—Katy said that there are several of the artists she really believes in, and a few of them are historically the type of contestants that Idol voters always vote for.

“But I’m really excited for a few of the new and different [performers],” she said. “I love Abi [Carter] and Kayko. Kayko is like a wild card, but it’s been amazing to see everything that he’s done. Abi is just constantly angelic. I love it.”

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Katy leans in a little more to the singer/songwriters because she sees more of herself in them and is happy to provide them with constructive criticism.

“As much as I want them to be the next American Idol, I’m hoping that I’m giving them feedback that they can apply when this show’s over. This show is a crash course and reality’s going to come real hot and real heavy and real hard [when it’s over].”

American Idol airs Sunday and Monday nights at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC, streaming next day on Hulu.

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