'Chaotic hilarity': Fans divided over Katy Perry's frenzied MasterChef appearance

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She’s been singing the show’s theme tune for the past 12 years and last night international superstar Katy Perry made quite the stir in the MasterChef kitchen.

The pregnant star had the contestants starstruck, sung her way through the episode and even made a bra out of a napkin, holding it up and calling Reece’s dish ‘the tits’.

Katy Perry in the MasterChef kitchen
Katy Perry appeared on MasterChef last night. Photo: Channel 10

However fans were divided over the Hot N Cold singer’s frenzied appearance on the show, with some saying they could watch her all day long and others being thankful she’s not a permanent judge.

“Katy Perry is too much. And not in a good way. I feel like it's great for a one off but so glad she's not a permanent judge,” one person said.

“Why does Masterchef have Katy Perry on?? If I wanted to see none essential celebrities I'd watch TMZ. Please it's a cooking show,” another person wrote.

Others completely disagreed, saying that she ‘stole the show’ and was ‘the best twist so far’ in a week full of curveballs for the contestants.

“Katy Perry is worth every penny Ten paid for her appearance. A truly global megastar and probably the biggest name MasterChef has ever had,” one person said.

“Not really a Katy perry fan but this episode was chaotic hilarity. Genuine prolonged laugh out loud joyousness. Katy is a whirlwind,” another person wrote.

Some fans went so far as to call Katy’s MasterChef debut the ‘best thing to happen to 2020’ while others said they were turning off the TV to relish in ‘the night as her night’.

MasterChef judge Jock
Jock seemed taken aback when she called him 'daddy' during the episode. Photo: Channel 10

Katy made quite the impression in the MasterChef kitchen, even calling Jock ‘daddy’ when she asked him to cut up her meat for her as she had sprained both of her thumbs.

Reece was left shaking when the superstar singer walked into the kitchen and Sarah found it hard to focus on her cook while Katy made her way around the work benches.

Eventually, Poh’s duck rendang was given the top prize, meaning she’s immune from tonight’s elimination challenge.

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