Katie Price shows off 7th butt lift

Amy Stevenson

She's made no secret of the fact she loves a good nip tuck, and now Katie Price is showing off the results of her latest procedure - her 7th butt lift!

The 38-year-old took to Instagram to share a video and a photo of her behind after she underwent the non-surgical procedure, adding that 2017 rings in a "new year, new me".

Katie showed off her new bum on social media. Source: Getty
It was Katie's seventh non-surgical procedure. Source: Instagram

"Kieran loves my bum really, 7th treatment @shanecooperuk I can can really see a difference !" Katie captioned the video of the doctor performing the lift while making reference to her husband Kieran Hayler.

"I'm loving this new year new me #healthy #nonsurgical #bubblebut," she added.

However it would seem Kieran wasn't as impressed with Katie's new butt as she was, commenting that it looked "absolutely massive."

Katie's husband wasn't impressed though. Source: Instagram
The glamour models get the procedure done. Source: Instagram

In the short clip Katie can be heard asking Keiran, "Do you think my bum looks bumilicious?"

After hearing his quip about how it looks the mother-of-five adds, "Oh get lost, I've upped the pulsation and it hurts but I'm taking it."

Shortly afterwards she also shared a photo of her backside, commenting how good it looked when she sat down.

She commented she thought her backside looks
With husband Kieran Hayler in 2016. Source: Getty
Creating a bigger bum earlier in her career. Source: Getty

"Even when I sit down I can really see my bum looks peachy @shanecooperuk #bumlift," she wrote alongside the cheeky photo.

Although she's no stranger to a range of cosmetic works, Katie recently spoke about her concerns for today's young woman when it comes to changing their appearance.

"I think sometimes, girls these days they're so young and they wear all these lash extensions, we didn't have that back in the day," she said on UK panel show Loose Women.

Katie gets cheeky last year. Source: Getty

"They look older than what they are."

Last year the British celebrity came under fire when she shared a photo of her eight-year-old daughter Princess sporting a full face of heavy make-up.

She wants a bigger booty! Source: Getty

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At the time she addressed the criticisms she was receiving on the talk show, saying she was "in the wrong".

"Princess sees how I pose. She thinks it's natural. These pictures were taken when we did panto at Christmas and she just saw her mum doing it. I wouldn't let her go to the shops like that," she said at the time.

The mother-of-five came under fire last year for sharing this photo of daughter Princess. Source: Instagram

"To me that's innocent because she's copying her mum. But after I posted it people were saying to me 'Oh my god Katie, think about paedophiles.' And I thought 'Oh yeah, you're right'. When you say it, you can see it."

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