How Kate Middleton is ‘trying to end feud’ between William and Harry

Kate Middleton has been labelled a "brilliant arbiter and peacekeeper" in Prince Harry and Prince William’s royal fallout.

According to her uncle, Gary Goldsmith, Kate is doing her best to end the rift "before it’s too late".

Prince William, Kate Middleton and Prince Harry looking happy together.
Kate Middleton has been called a "brilliant peacekeeper" in ending the rift between her husband Prince William and Prince Harry. Photo: Getty

Since moving to the US, Harry has made scathing remarks about his family in a number of bombshell interviews.

He famously said that both his father Prince Charles and brother Prince William are "trapped" within the royal family during his interview with Oprah Winfrey in March.

In his new Apple TV+ mental health docuseries with Oprah, which premiered May 21, Harry accused his family of "total neglect" in regards to his and wife Meghan’s mental health.


Goldsmith, who is the younger brother of Kate’s mother Carole, has said that Prince Harry "needs to get a grip," in a new interview with Closer.

"I went from being happy [about Harry’s decision to seek a more ‘private life’], to angry, to worried about him," Goldsmith said.

"Everyone is astonished. He wanted to step back and protect his wife, now he’s charging in. It’s an attack on the family – why do it? If you want an easy life, work it out privately and have a conversation respectfully. Don’t air it in public, it’s really hurtful."

The 56-year-old continued, saying that he believes if Harry doesn’t do something soon and "stop this self-indulgent episode, there will soon be no common ground or relationship to rebuild".

The British businessman says that the Duchess of Cambridge is doing everything she can to mend Harry and William’s relationship.

"If anyone can bring peace to the royals, Kate can," Goldsmith said.

"Every bone in her body is about making friends and doing the best she can... She’s trying to mediate."

Kate tried to fix the feud at Prince Philip's funeral

Harry and William at Prince Philip’s funeral in April. Photo: Getty
It's been claimed that Prince William requested that Princess Anne's son, Peter Philips, walked between him and Harry at Prince Philip's funeral. Photo: Getty

Harry and William met face-to-face for the first time in 16 months at Prince Philip’s funeral in April, with Kate seen giving them space to talk.

Twitter exploded once the moment was shown on TV, with one person commenting: “This is so lovely to see! The three of them supporting each other in this sad time”.

“Grief really makes people come together and reevaluate everything,” another person wrote.

Prince Harry's relationship with his family has been fraught for months now, with the royal telling Oprah he needed 'space' from his big brother.

However, Prince Harry rushed home to the UK from California when his grandfather died, and many royal sources were hoping the family would reunite in grief.

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