Karl reveals staggering Today changes under coronavirus

Penny Burfitt
Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

Karl Stefanovic has revealed that though he and Ally Langford are showing up in our living rooms every morning, the Today show set has undergone some drastic changes in the midst of coronavirus.

The veteran journalist says the show has had to make some serious adjustments to keep everyone safe, and comply with social distancing laws in the country.

Karl and Ally have undergone major changes to comply with coronavirus social distancing. Photo: Nine

"We're taking every precaution because we all have families at home," Karl told TV Week, explaining apart from he and Ally keeping the recommended 1.5 metres between them, there were other, more drastic changes afoot.

“We don't have cameramen in the studio,” Karl told the magazine. “We have one floor manager and everyone else is in a different room. We have very little human contact.”

On a normal day, there would be dozens crowding the studio, leaving the new arrangements vastly different.

The filming of the show has undergone major changes. Photo: Nine

Karl pushed back against criticism of the pair still going into the studio, saying it was more important than ever to deliver reliable information, though he says the personal toll it is taking on the anchors is unprecedented.

“I don't think there has ever been a story where I, as a journalist, have been more personally affected,” he admitted.

Karl and Ally have been keeping spirits up with their daily appearances on screen.

The pair have let a more emotional side of themselves show on the show of late, something many Aussies stuck at home and fearful of the pandemic have responded wholeheartedly to.

In March the pair were reduced to tears on air after a touching viral choir video made under social isolation was featured on the show.

Karl also opened up about his own heartbreak over the virus.

With wife Jasmine due to deliver in just over two months, social distancing means grandma Jenny Stefanovic won’t be able to meet her granddaughter for potentially months.

Many grandparents have been left isolated from family as older people are warned to stay home to minimise their risk of contracting the virus.

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