Karl Stefanovic unimpressed by Allison Langdon's Today guest: 'There's a problem'

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Karl Stefanovic was left seemingly unimpressed on Friday morning's Today show, when Allison Langdon brought in a surprise guest and didn't tell him.

Allison's dog Sport appeared on the show and shocked Karl when he made his way under the desk and sat between his legs.

Karl Stefanovic and Allison Langdon
Karl Stefanovic was surprised on Friday morning when there was an unexpected guest in the studio that Allison Langdon had brought in. Photo: Nine

Alex Cullen was reading the latest sports headlines when he looked to a clearly unsettled Karl, asking if he was OK.

"No, there's a problem, right," Karl said. "There's a problem in the studio, I had something crawling between my legs, and I looked down and it's actually a dog."


"It's a dog!" Alex said excitedly as Karl continued, "And I didn't know there was a dog in the studio."

"Come here Sporty, come here buddy," Allison said, laughing. "Leave Sport alone!"

"Why do you have your dog in the studio?" a dumbfounded Karl asked his co-host. "And why didn't you tell me?"

Ally's dog Sport on the Today show
Ally's dog Sport was going to appear on the show later on, but couldn't resist coming out a little earlier. Photo: Nine

Sport made his way under the desk again, with Karl asking: "What are you doing, mate?"

"He's really obsessed with whatever is going on down there!" Brooke Boney exclaimed.

"I haven't showered for a while," Karl joked.

"He got the shock of his life," Allison said of Karl with Alex joking: "He almost jumped 10 feet in the air!"

Allison added: "His tail's wagging, he's happy!"

Sport was taking part in a segment later on in the show, but couldn't resist making an appearance a little earlier.

Sport under the Today show desk
Karl joked that he hadn't showered for a while, which might have been why Sport was especially fascinated by him. Photo: Nine
Brooke Boney and Allison Langdon with their dogs
Brooke's pug Jimmy also came into the studio, with the two dogs later posing in adorable Hawaiian shirts. Photo: Instagram/Brooke Boney

Brooke's pug Jimmy also came into the studio for the segment, with the two dogs later posing for a photo with their owners in adorable Hawaiian shirts.

"Cute @thetodayshow segment on how dogs look and smell exactly like their owners," Brooke captioned a snap of the four of them together.

"Hang on... You told me Sport stinks," Ally commented on the snap.

Viewers loved the dogs on the show with one user writing, "So this has been my fave episode EVER."

"Should be more segments like this one," another agreed.

"The lil Hawaiian shirts!" a third said.

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