Karl Stefanovic in hysterics over Nick Kyrgios' sledge at NZ rival

Nick Kyrgios left Karl Stefanovic in stitches on Tuesday morning after reacting to New Zealand tennis player Michael Venus' comments that the Aussie star is an "absolute knob" with the maturity of a 10-year-old.

Nick and his doubles teammate Thanasi Kokkinakis appeared on the show to chat about winning their Australian Open doubles final on Saturday night when Karl brought up Venus' comments.

Today's Karl Stefanovic laughing at Nick Kyrgios
Today's Karl Stefanovic was unable to contain his laughter after Nick Kyrgios took aim at New Zealander Michael Venus. Photo: Nine

Kyrgios was quick to hit back at the comments and making fun of what Venus wore for their match.

"I don't even think any sort of comment that came out of Venus's mouth is relevant," Nick told Karl and co-host Allison Langdon. "He was firstly dressed in something that I would wear to a Halloween party."


Karl quickly ended up in hysterics as Nick continued, "I feel like that is the energy we wanted. The fact that me and Thanasi have now made Michael Venus's comments irrelevant, I think that's great."

Nick then asked for Thanasi's thoughts with the star responding, "I'm p***ing myself over here, I don't know if you can see me.

"I felt we had a target on our back from the start, given that we beat the number one seeds. Then Venus after that."

He continued, "I think that it was blown out of proportion and we were trying to hype up the crowd and have fun. Anyone who comments now just looks bitter."

Nick added, "What I don't understand is that was the best atmosphere, Michael Venus will ever play in. He'll tell his kids about it, do you know what I mean?' I don't know why he's being so salty. That's the best stage he'll ever play on."

Nick Kyrgios
Nick was quick to hit out at Michael. Photo: Nine
Michael Venus
Nick described Michael's outfit as something he'd wear to Halloween. Photo: Getty

Karl jokingly asked Nick to tell the viewers what he really thinks of Michael, but Nick responded, "I can't Karl, stop."

Nick and Thanasi won in straight sets on Saturday night against Aussie rivals Max Purcell and Matt Ebden following Ash Barty's women's final win.

The pair, who grew up playing together, celebrated very differently with Thanasi taking to Twitter to share he'd be going on a three-day bender, while Nick took his girlfriend Costeen Hatzi out for some nice dinners in Sydney.

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