July Aldi Finds That Will Take You On A Summer Vacation From Your Own Home

selection of Aldi products
selection of Aldi products - Aldi

While "summer" and "vacation" are two words that go together, like, well, "Aldi" and "savings," the sad truth is, in 2024, nearly half of us (47%, according to a Bankrate survey) won't be going anywhere at all because it's just too darn expensive. Instead, we'll be spending the summer getting in touch with our inner Backyardigans. In case you missed the best children's TV show of all time, "The Backyardigans" was about a group of friends who let their imaginations take them all over the world without ever crossing their property lines. Before we begin enjoying the ambiance of our decks and patios, however, we'll have a gander at Aldi's staycation supplies.

While Aldi carries a wide range of budget-priced staples, it also offers a number of affordable indulgences that can help put you in the vacation mood. Even if you won't be traveling yourself, you can send your taste buds on a globetrotting adventure with snacks that will put you in mind of destinations ranging from the Mediterranean to a tropical island. Of course, Aldi will also be featuring some All-American merch in case your next imaginary destination is right here in the good ol' U.S. A.

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Journey To Greece Mediterranean Olive Mix

jar of olives
jar of olives - Aldi

Do you dream of visiting Greece? July is not the month to do so since all the tourist sites will be jam-packed, prices will be high, and temperatures may reach up into the 90s. It's a fine time to lie back in your outdoor recliner and dream of Grecian glories while nibbling on some Journey to Greece Mediterranean olive mix, which will only set you back $3.49 per jar and should be showing up at Aldi on or around July 10.

Specially Selected Imported Limoncello Dessert

mini cheesecake with lemon topping
mini cheesecake with lemon topping - Aldi

Limoncello, a liqueur from Italy's Amalfi coast, is meant to taste of lemons (but not cellos). Aldi doesn't typically carry the boozy kind, but you could always make your own limoncello if you're so inclined. The grocery chain will, however, be adding mini limoncello-flavored cheesecakes to its seasonal lineup starting on July 24. These bright and sunny desserts are packaged in individual 3.5-ounce portions, with each one priced at $2.59.

Park Street Deli Dip

tub of pineapple-flavored dip
tub of pineapple-flavored dip - Aldi

If you plan to do any outdoor entertaining this summer, whether it be hosting the whole neighborhood at a backyard barbecue or inviting any nearby mosquitoes to feast on your arm, you'll want to keep the menu as simple as possible. This means that appetizers are strictly of the chips and dip variety, and Aldi's new dip flavors are going with a tropical theme. They come in both pineapple jalapeño and sweet chili mango varieties, each costing $3.39 per 10-ounce tub, and will be available on July 17.

Mama Cozzi's Pizza Kitchen Hot Honey Hawaiian Party Flatbread

Hawaiian-style rectangular pizza
Hawaiian-style rectangular pizza - Aldi

For more elaborate party fare that's still in keeping with the island motif, you could wait until July 24 since that's the date that the Mama Cozzi hot honey Hawaiian flatbread drops. This rectangular pizza (since that's basically what a flatbread is) has the typical pineapple and ham toppings, while hot honey is used to flavor the sauce. These will be priced at $6.99, but for that sum, you'll get over a pound of pizza (16.8 ounces, to be precise).

Nature's Nectar Sparkling French Sodas

soda in swing-top bottle
soda in swing-top bottle - Aldi

While April in Paris may be worth singing about, July may be best left to les touristes. Instead, you can stay home and sip on a French soda from Aldi in one of three fruity flavors: blood orange grapefruit, pink raspberry, or pomegranate blueberry. Each will be available July 3 and cost $3.19 for a 750-milliliter (or 25.4-ounce) swing-top bottle. A similar empty bottle at a hobby store could cost more than this, so you might consider the soda to be a sweet French freebie.

Specially Selected Stuffed Shrimp

shrimp with crumb coating
shrimp with crumb coating - Aldi

Shrimp are an excellent summertime entree since they're easy to cook, fun to eat, and not quite as pricy as certain other types of shellfish that might rhyme with "lab" or "mobster." Starting on July 3, Aldi will be selling stuffed shrimp in two trendy flavors, these being dill pickle and Nashville hot. To be honest, we're not entirely sure what the shrimp are stuffed with, since from the pic on the box it seems as if they themselves are the stuffing inside a big ball o'breadcrumbs. Still, they promise to be crispy, crunchy, shrimpy, and spicy (or pickly, depending on which one you pick) and will cost $5.99 per 6.8-ounce box.

Crane USA Sport Squeeze Bottle

red white and blue bottle
red white and blue bottle - Aldi

Summertime hydration is easy if you have a squeezy ... bottle, that is. No need to pay big bucks for a trendy Stanley tumbler or hydroflask when you can pick up a cheap and cheery sports bottle from Aldi for $3.99. These will come out on July 17, but are available in four different patriotic designs to keep that Fourth of July feeling going all month long: white with blue stars; white with red stars and "USA" logo; red and white stripes and white stars on a blue field; and blue with white stars, flag, and "USA" logo.

Journey To... Greece Spanakopita

box of frozen spanakopita
box of frozen spanakopita - Aldi

Mamma Mia, looks like Aldi's journeying back to Greece again on July 10 with an offering of frozen spanakopita. Okay, so the expression's an Italian one, but the movie franchise with the Swedish soundtrack takes place on a Grecian isle. Even if you can't feel the ocean breeze from your backyard, you can still enjoy tasty spinach and cheese-stuffed pastries from an Aldi aisle (the frozen one) for just $4.49 per box. This modest sum, we'd like to point out, is approximately 0.5% of what you might pay for a plane ticket to Greece.

Specially Selected Baklava

packaged baklava assortment
packaged baklava assortment - Aldi

If you, like Aldi, have adopted a Grecian theme for the summer -- or at least July 10, which is when its Greek-inspired items are being released -- then you can't forget the baklava. Aldi is selling a 14.11-ounce box with what appears to be about 20 pieces of the stuff: squares, triangles, rectangles, and even little nut-filled nests. All of this can be yours for just $6.45. If you pick up a pint of Aldi ice cream, as well, you can use the baklava to make mini iee cream sandwiches.

Clancy's Sweet Maui Onion Or Chili Pepper Lime

bag of onion-favored potato chips
bag of onion-favored potato chips - Aldi

When you're lounging around outdoors on a hot day, it's important to stay hydrated. Salty snacks may make you thirsty and more inclined to reach for your water bottle, so while potato chips aren't exactly health food, this is as good an excuse to eat them as any, besides the fact that they just taste good. For your summer snacking pleasure, Aldi will be releasing two new flavors of its $1.95 Clancy's chips on July 17, these being sweet Maui onion and chili pepper lime. (The latter should technically be "chile" pepper lime, since chili-with-an-"i" is a stew, not a pepper, but we'll let that slide for now, Aldi.)

Benton's Coconut Rolls

bag of coconut-flavored snacks
bag of coconut-flavored snacks

For summertime snacking, light and tasty is the way to roll, and Aldi will be bringing back Benton's coconut rolls on July 3 at a price of $3.99 per 5-ounce bag. These wafers, which have been available at Aldi in past years, are made with coconut milk and black sesame seeds. The texture is light and crispy, while the flavor is slightly sweet.

Season's Choice Smoothie Blends

bag of frozen fruit
bag of frozen fruit - Aldi

This season's choice for Aldi's smoothie blends includes two summery varieties: Green Dream and Seaside. The former includes mango, pineapple, apple, spinach, and avocado, while the latter is made with mango, pineapple, strawberry, apple, and banana. Neither one is sweetened or includes dairy, so if you toss them into the blender as is, you'll be drinking pure liquid produce. The price is $6.99 per box, with each box containing four 8-ounce single-serve pouches. The will be available beginning on July 3.

Fremont Fish Market Cakes

bag of frozen lobster patties
bag of frozen lobster patties - Aldi

Usually when we think of cake, we've got the sweet, frosted kind in mind, but cakes don't always come out of a bakery. Cakes of soap are also a thing, and so, too, are the far tastier crab and lobster cakes that Aldi will be selling starting on July 17. These savory sea burgers come five to a bag and each bag will cost $4.99, which is basically a buck a patty.

Crane Men's Or Ladies USA T-Shirt

red white and blue shirt
red white and blue shirt - Aldi

While the Fourth of July will have long passed by the time Aldi drops some of its red, white, and blue merch, like the water bottles mentioned above, perhaps the German-based company is low-key lobbying to make July Independence Month. Sure, we'll go for that, and these $4.99 t-shirts coming out on July 17 can be the official uniform. They come in three varieties: men's navy blue, ladies' white and ladies' navy blue. While we don't have pictures of the first two, the last one features red and white stripes and a "USA" logo along with a few white stars.

Sundae Shoppe Vanilla Stroopwafel Ice Cream Sandwiches

box of ice cream sandwiches
box of ice cream sandwiches - Aldi

Aldi's stroopwafel ice cream sandwiches are another oldie-but-goodie, as they date back to summer 2023 and will be making an encore appearance on July 31. The cookies themselves, which are Dutch wafers with caramel in the middle, have been super-trendy since before the pandemic, perhaps due in part to the Stroopwafel McFlurry that was part of McDonald's 2019 Worldwide Favorites promo. Each 13.52-ounce box of four ice cream sandwiches will set you back $4.99.

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