Julia Morris makes surprising sex confession on-air: 'I'm done'

Julia Morris has made a surprising confession about her sex life, revealing that she expects to stay celibate for the indefinite future.

Speaking on The Kyle and Jackie O Show on Monday, the 54-year-old TV host said that she’s “done with sex for good” after splitting from her husband Dan Thomas last year.

I'm A Celebrity's Julia Morris.
Julia Morris has shared that she’s ‘done with sex for good’. Photo: Channel Ten

“Do you know what? I think I'll shut up shop. I'm done with roots,” she said.

“Before I got married, look, I had a go. Don’t worry. It’s not like I’m missing out now I’m back out there. I’m not back out there.”

While hosts Kyle Sandilands and Jackie 'O' Henderson were both shocked by her admission, Julia asserted that she simply has no desire to have sex again.

“I could not care if I lift and separate again in my lifetime,” she replied.


The mother-of-two went on to exclaim that being divorced is “the best-kept secret” and that she loves her single life.

“People are like, ‘You look amazing!’ and I’m like, ‘That’s because there’s absolutely nothing going on’,” she continued.

“I don’t even think I’ve had an argument in a year. It’s the best of times!”

I'm A Celebrity's Julia Morris and her husband Dan Thomas.
Julia split from her husband Dan Thomas last year. Photo: Instagram

‘We just got lazy in the end’

Elsewhere in the interview, Julia revealed that there was nothing “tricky” that lead to her divorce and her marriage ended rather amicably.

“We were just time up. I was just like, ‘Are we seriously doing this?’ and he was like, ‘I know’,” she shared. “I just think with work and life and definitely raising children, we just got lazy in the end.”

Julia and Dan, who share daughters Ruby and Sophie, married in Las Vegas on New Year’s Eve 2005 and separated last year.

She told the Sooshi Mango Saucy Meatballs podcast earlier this year that she and the Welsh comedian are “in a good place” post-split and she’s loving the freedom.

“I have been renovating my house, right, and I have made the bedroom from top to bottom pink and fluffy,” she said.

“I had two friends come over the other day, and the boy walked into my room and goes, ‘Yeah, I’m soft’. That is the idea. This is a jizz-free zone.”

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