JordanLuca's Pee Stained Denim Is All the Hype

Now sold-out, JordanLuca's "Pee Stained Denim" jeans are all the hype in fashion.

The cheeky pair of jeans was made to cause a riot. According to the London label, "The jean is a commentary on the fetishization of capitalist consumerism and is oxymoronic in itself." Essentially, for JordanLuca, capitalism is desire, lust and a kink."

fashion jordanluca denim
fashion jordanluca denim

Co-Founder Jordan Bowen adds: "The fetish feeds the capitalists, but the capitalist is the fetish; an ecosystem where one feeds the other." Resulting in a never-ending cycle. Ironically, the moment -- which is a critique on the never ending cycle of capitalism -- has gone viral, and resulted in the denim reaching sold-out status.

This isn't the first time fashion made a fetish reference, with Greek brand Di Petsa debuting a "Masturbation Pocket." In 2019, the brand's founder Demetria Petsa also teased pee-stained denim via Instagram. Which to no surprise, garnered the response of "Why?" Oh, and let us not forget the "Touch of Sure" shawl by Fendi.

In other news, p-ssy pockets are the hype rn too...