JoJo Siwa's Unhinged Dance Is Going Mega Viral

JoJo Siwa is in the midst of her bad girl reinvention era.

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It has been, well, interesting!

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The "Karma" singer been doing this one dance move constantly that is quite unhinged.

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Like, I'm not kidding, it's AGGRESSIVE.

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A video of JoJo teaching Mario Lopez the dance on Access Hollywood has gone viral.


People in the comments are going off.

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"This was so frightening to watch in silence," one person said.

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"That would give me the WORST headache," another person commented.

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And now it's a meme.

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This person accurately compared it to cartoon characters in the 1940s.

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Another person compared it to an unhinged fictional episode of Saved By The Bell.

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But the absolute best part of the video is the lady in the back.

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She's doing the exact same choreography at JoJo:

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And, honestly, it's iconic.

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I need her booked at Pride ASAP.

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