Jessika Power reacts to MAFS 2023 best moments

Married At First Sight season six star Jessika Power sat down with Yahoo Lifestyle to unpack MAFS 2023 week three.

Video transcript

JESSIKA POWER: It should be, I think, like a shock then of every time someone says gaslighting en masse. Because they throw that word around so much. Hi, I'm Jessika Power from season six of "MAFS."

And yeah, I found that. But it's not with me. It's with Jen.

Today, I'm recapping the biggest moments from week 3 of "MAFS" 2023 with Yahoo! Lifestyle.

- --literally texted me. And he literally said, I'm not leaving. Yet, you wrote leave. You threw in the towel because I'm not giving you enough when--

- When did I write I'm not leaving? Show me where I write I'm not leaving.

- I'm not going anywhere. It's literally what you said to me.

- You just said the words I'm not leaving.

- I'm not leaving and I'm not going anywhere are two-- that's irrelevant.

- You're gaslighting me. You're saying that I said something I didn't say.

- Hey, thanks for today. It was really nice for us to talk without an argument. Thanks for sharing all you did. I'm not going anywhere.

- Where does it say I'm not leaving? You're trying--

- I'm not going anywhere and I'm not leaving are two completely--

- --is totally different because you're trying to twist that.

- No, I'm not.

- --into me saying that I lied about


- When I said that you lied. You literally put words in my mouth.

- That's what you're actually doing.

- No, you literally said I'm not going anywhere.

- That's right.

- Where are you going to go if you say leave or going to go anywhere? Honestly.

- I wrote that.

- You said that I'm gaslighting you. You are literally sitting here gaslighting me.

- No, you put words in my mouth.

- --literally said you gaslight. You're a narcissist person. You're a [BLEEPING] narcissist.

- You just read out the words that I say what you said that they said.

- Done. I'm done. I'm leaving.

- Fool, gas. That is textbook gaslighting. I'm sorry. I'm not going to sit there and [INAUDIBLE].

JESSIKA POWER: That should be, like, a shot game of every time someone says gaslighting en masse because they throw that word around so much. That whole entire conversation, he just sits there with no emotion on his face, no care, but then also gaslighting. I don't get it. I think I'd react exactly how she did. What do you mean? You say, no, we're leaving. And then you say, I'm not going anywhere. It means the same. It's the exact same thing. You just, like, switched out one or two words. What are you going on about?

And then it's like that's textbook gaslighting. No. The gaslighting is the fact that you aren't, like, owning up to what you actually said.

And the hardest thing about that is those sorts of fights, and the text messages, and everything, we, as the viewers, don't get to see any of that, unless there's a camera lens. There's not always a camera there. So it's pretty difficult.

But, yeah, I feel that he just really hasn't got any respect for her. I don't think he really has any respect for the whole experiment. Yeah, I feel like Bronte is putting in a lot of effort. I feel like Harrison doesn't really care.

I just feel, if you're going to come into an experiment where you're getting married and you're trying to get to know someone, there needs to be no outside distraction. And I feel like he is acting the way he's acting [INAUDIBLE] on TV now because this girl, whoever she is [INAUDIBLE]. But, yeah, I don't feel like it'll work. I think they're-- get rid of him.



I don't know what is wrong. If you--

- Now, that reminds me of me. [LAUGHS]



- Why wont he [INAUDIBLE]

- --now that I have a question!




[BLEEP], please.


- You have a problem with intimacy, Josh. And I'm too much for you. And you don't know what to do.

- I'm too much for you.

- No--

- He looks like the purple [INAUDIBLE].

- So-- - And I'm gonna speak my truth to every goddamn woman in the world. You--

- Oh, hallelujah!


- Yeah. You have a problem with someone getting close to you. And that's on you. I can't break down these walls. I don't know. When I'm trying to get close to you, you lock up. This is what you do.

- Yeah.

- Or you walk away.

- Yeah.

- And there's clearly a barrier.

- OK. I don't know what to do.


- I don't think I have a problem with intimacy. It feels pretty horrible to have someone say all these things to you, over, and over, and over.

- No, well, I love him. I think that Josh is so sweet. And I feel that Mel is a woman that obviously has needs, and he's not matching them. But, like, even if I had a partner that I was with for three years and he started yelling at me, like, and if your sex life dropped off and he was saying, "You have a problem with not having sex," it would make me, even more, not want to have sex with him. Because it's supposed to be, like, something that you share and it's nice, like, rather than, "You have a problem with intimacy. And you won't do this. And you won't touch me." Like, babe, I'm gonna kick you out of the house. I won't touch you. You [INAUDIBLE]

I think that she's demasculating him a lot in the conversations, as well. She's sort of making him feel lesser and making him feel like he isn't a man. And so why would he want to pick her up and take her to the bedroom? It-- you really just need to take a step back.

I understand his feelings because sex isn't just sex, either. It's about emotion. It's about connection. And I feel like she's trying to jump ahead of all of that and just get down to business when-- and, normally, that is men that do that. But it's women, as well.

And you can see that he's just stressed. I think, just give him a break. I think she just really just needs to try and find a connection with him. Rather than push for this sex thing. Because that's how I felt, sometimes, in my relationship with Nick, that I felt--

I thought, OK, well, maybe if I-- he's obviously attracted to me. Maybe if I give him a kiss, see if something sparks up, something happens-- and it didn't. And that's OK. Like, not everything has to be built around sex. Some people don't even sleep together for a long time before, like while they're in a relationship. It's not something that happens just like-- [SNAPS FINGERS]


- The attraction is low.


- Like you're a catch.

- You are a good-looking girl, just, but not in my eyes. I thought you were gonna come down that aisle, yeah, and completely blow me away. Because, honestly, those things that I was saying about my ex whatever, I wouldn't have even contemplated on saying that. I just would have just cut it, completely forgotten. Like, that stuff shouldn't have even been an issue.

- [SIGHS] Like, that whole conversation was just about how I'm not good enough. (VOICE CRACKING) How if I had walked down that aisle and blown him away, none of that stuff with his ex would have happened. Like, it was all his fault. I've done nothing but support him, and tell him it's OK, and tell him he deserves to be here.

- Come on [INAUDIBLE]

- [DOUBLE BREATHING] I came here because I wanted to find love. And I wanted--

[CRYING] I wanted to love someone, and I wanted someone to love me.

- Oh, my God. Oh my God! My heart! Oh, I feel so sad for her. He's a horrible human being.

And do you know what? If he was a 10 out of 10, it wouldn't even matter. But he's not even a 10 out of 10. He's like a minus four out of 10.

If I was her-- I understand she wanted to find love, which hurts so much, as well as she was obviously matched with a horrible, horrible person. I don't know how she sat there, just listening to someone speak to her like that. I would have probably ripped him to shreds because, first of all, 2019 called, and they want their frickin' haircut back. You look like an idiot.

And you have no personality. You have no good, obviously, attributes, no good looks. Like, and then he's gonna sit there and say that he wanted to be wowed? I'd walk down the aisle and say, "I want someone a bit taller, and have a better haircut, and, like, a nicer personality." You are disgusting. And you know what the funny thing is now? You've shown your true colors, and you're not gonna get anybody else [INAUDIBLE].

You know what? There's being honest, and then there's intentionally hurting someone's emotions and somebody's feelings. And you can tell that she is a very kind-hearted, sweet girl. And the way that she was just crying, like, it makes me upset, like, that she has been broken down and dissected so much by a man that is so below her, first of all. It's just--

I don't know where he has the audacity to speak to somebody like that. Like, I have people that I don't like, and I would never bring them down like that. And for a young woman to be compared to another, ex-girlfriend or whoever it is, that brings insecurities. And she feels-- she's gonna feel low about it.

And the comment about, "I have seen you without makeup," it's like-- what? Do you think women-- as women, we walk around the house in our heels, and our dresses, and makeup all the time? Like, no. I just think he is a nasty, horrible human being. And he should just be booted.


- So the other morning, I was walking.


And I saw Shannon with his daughter and another woman. And Shannon turned around to me. I'm pretty sure Linda saw, too, but I'm not sure. But he turned around to me, and he was like, shh. And we know how I feel about a "shh."

- And it wasn't who you thought. It wasn't my ex, and it wasn't my kid.

- He's lying. He's not blinking. He doesn't blink, that entire sentence. Lying.

- Thank you.

- It was my cousin and my second cousin.

- Amazing. Hence, why I'm asking you. Because I don't know. I haven't seen any of them.

- I caught up with my cousins on the weekend. [LAUGHS] And then what happened was Claire-- because she's the one who poked it out. And she thought she was getting the upper hand on it all. And she thought she'd found something so amazing and, like, oh-- not amazing, but, "Oh, well, I found drama." But you didn't.

- Oh, my God. I've been with partners who have cheated on my in the past. And it's like, "You know What, babe? She's, like, my best friend's sister's auntie someone." Like, and the way he sort of sits back and-- as if he just, like, doesn't care, it just--

It's like-- no one's trying to find drama. Of course, [INAUDIBLE] they're just looking out for their friend. And he just, like, ugh, makes me feel physically sick. Like, I feel like I've got, like-- ugh, gross.

So maybe if it was his child and maybe his ex-partner, what is the big deal? The fact that he's now lied about it-- because I think he happens to be lying. I think everything that comes out of his mouth is a lie.

And the way he, sort of, addressed it, when the girls asked the question-- nobody asked him with any aggression or nastiness. Or they weren't, like, trying to pin something on him. They just said, "Listen, I seen you out, doing this. Like, what was it?" He was like, "Oh, here we go."

Like, I don't like him. I don't like him, at all. I hope he, like, leaves.

What's the "shh" about. Because what do you need to keep secret? Like, if I was out seeing my family, or seeing my daughter, or seeing my child, like, I wouldn't say, shh.


- Yes, I just want to preface this by saying, absolutely, it's nothing.

- What?

- Oh, my God.



- Some girls came up to myself and [INAUDIBLE].


- OK.

- I was telling her about the number.

- And one of the girls goes [INAUDIBLE] initially, like, a two-minute chat. She goes, "You're so hot. Can I get your number?" I was like, "No, but you can"--

- Yeah?

- Yeah?

- Yeah, yeah.

- I was like, "I won't give you mine, but I'll take yours." She put it in my phone. And I literally deleted it as soon as she walked off.

- Yeah.

- Yeah. But it just-- everyone's trying to make a big deal of it. But I'm like, we're finally doing well. This is the last [BLEEP] need. I'll tell Bronte when I'm good and ready, when I--

- I believe you. Don't even worry about it. I don't care if girls are going to come up to you when you're out. It's [INAUDIBLE]--

- Well, yeah.



- Ugh.

- Help me out here.

- What?

- No, you help me out. I--

- [LAUGHS] I thought--

- Did he actually say, "I took a girl's number"?

- I get hit on, sometimes, when I go out. And I didn't want to reject her in front of the boys, in front of my mates. So I gave him my phone, just to humor her.



He's so full of himself. I can't take it.

- And he's so ruggedly handsome that--

- Oh, God.

- --it was inappropriate for him to reject the girl.

- Barf.

- OK, this is what I don't get about Bronte and Harrison, Is they have these big blow-ups and, like, [INAUDIBLE]. Why does she-- there's no woman on Earth, that I know, that would believe that. And if that was presented to me, I would say, "You're a liar because, first of all, why are you entertaining another female enough for them to be able to feel comfortable to ask for your number? And why would you then give her your phone, to just delete the thing, to delete the number, so you didn't humiliate her in front of the boys or make her look bad in front of the boys?"

Like, who is she to you? You've got a wife. You're supposed to be loyal to her, not some random chick at the bar. And why are you allowing women to come up to you and feel comfortable to speak to you in that sort of manner?

That would be cheating to me, in a way. Like, I don't think that's right, at all. And why-- this is what I don't get about Bronte. Why is she believing him? Why is she going along with it? Like, there's no way I would have sat there and been like, "No, no, no, babe. Don't worry. It's fine." No good.