Jessie James Decker hits back at claims she edited abs on her kids

Jessie James Decker has lashed out after being accused of photoshopping abs onto a ‘disturbing’ photo of her three young children. The 34-year-old has been sharing snaps of her young family on holiday in Mexico, with one particular snap sparking some harsh comments.

The US country singer posted a sweet picture of Vivianne, 8, Eric Jr., 7, and 4-year-old Forrest in swimwear enjoying the beautiful weather by the beach. The family are very active, partly due to their retired NFL star father Eric Decker.

L: Jessie James Decker's children pose in swimwear showing off their abs. R: Jessie James Decker smiles in a blue dress
Jessie James Decker has sparked outrage after sharing a 'disturbing' snap of her kids. Photo: Instagram/jessiejamesdecker

“Vacation Decker style,” she captioned the snap on Instagram, with many fans noticing how tanned and ‘shredded’ the children looked.

“What are you feeding these kids? I need their diet plans for my own kids lol,” one person commented.

“How do they all have 18 packs? Geez those are some good genes,” another quipped.

“Well done Decker family for prioritising a balanced diet and exercise. These kids look so happy and fit! Inspiring!!!” a third chimed in.


However, there were a handful of critics who slammed the mum for ‘editing’ the snap, saying that the children’s ‘ripped’ bodies weren’t ‘normal’.

The star decided to address the controversy on Instagram, sharing a video of her kids on holiday tensing to show off their abdominal muscles.

“When I posted the pix of our vacation and included the kids being silly flexing on the beach on our Thanksgiving trip I had NO clue it would get the reaction it did,” she wrote in the caption.

“Being accused of photoshopping abs on my kids (I can’t help but laugh) or…the polar opposite over ‘overtraining’ our kids makes me realise how bizarre our world has gotten regarding the body and what’s normal and what’s not.”

Jessie added that her kids have a ‘mass amount’ of ‘genetic and built muscle’ due to wanting to be competitive athletes or just love dancing.

Her daughter Vivianne is an ‘elite competitive gymnast’, while Eric Jr. wants to follow in his father’s footsteps to become an NFL receiver.

“Let’s not pick and choose what we normalise regarding bodies and be accepting of all people and children. If we wanna do ‘better’ then do better. I’m proud of my children and encourage them to live their dreams,” she finished.


Her celebrity pals were quick to praise the mum for her candid post, saying that she is the ‘best momma’.

“Insanity! Keep doing you! Obviously what you’re doing is working,” influencer Hope Beel gushed.

“You’re the best momma to these babies!! Y’all kill it. Not your problem you have the best gene pool!! Cutest, sweetest and most humble family!! Love y’all!” commented model Ashley Kolfage.

“You guys are doing great! Keep it up. Save some of those Olympic spots and backstage passes for our crew though!” quipped three-time Super Bowl champion Lonie Paxton.

Fans quickly flooded her Instagram post with positive comments, applauding the couple for their parenting style.

"All I see is kids that likely don’t thrive on crap foods that their little bodies don’t need. I say more power to you, mama," one person wrote.

"STOP TALKING ABOUT CHILDREN'S BODIES! They all are perfect how they are. You have athletic children, perfect! The fact people feel they have the right to critique that is insane," a second added.

"I had abs when I was a kid. Your kids are super active! It's so crazy people even care!!!!" another chimed in.

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