Bizarre item rescued from Jessica Rowe's burning car

Jessica Rowe has revealed the bizarre item she rescued from her car after it burst into flames during the school run.

The former Studio 10 host appeared on the Kyle & Jackie O show this morning to talk about the incident, saying her daughter Allegra was distraught after the car caught fire on New South Head Road outside Kambala Girls School in Sydney's Rose Bay.

Jessica Rowe attends the Women of the FutureAwards at Quay on September 5, 2018 in Sydney, Australia.
Jessica Rowe was able to rescue an unusual item from her boot after it burst into flames. Photo: Getty Images

Jessica said the quick-thinking bus driver who alerted her to the fact that her car was on fire actually helped her rescue the items from the boot of her car.

When Kyle asked Jess what she had in there, she replied: “I do like a costume Kyle - so I had a cat head in the boot.”

“Why?” Kyle asked.

“Well, why not?,” Jessica replied, saying: “Sometimes I like to embarrass my children when I pick them up, so I put the cat head on.”


Kyle responded saying: “I tilt my hat to your girls, they are working against the grain just with their own family. Imagine walking towards mum's Volvo and there's mum looking like a giant cat,” Kyle said.

Jessica Rowe's car in flames in Sydney
A Twitter user caught footage of the moment. Photo: Twitter

Jessica said luckily she could rescue that from the boot and the bus driver drove her and her daughter Allegra home.

Jessica said no warning light came on in the car when it went on fire and they’re still unsure what caused the blaze.

Earlier in the day, Jess thanked the bus driver for alerting her to her burning car just before it burst into flames in Sydney.

“We’re safe & sound! Thank you for all of your kindness and love,” Jessica wrote in an Instagram post last night.

“Thank you to the thoughtful, fast thinking and kind school bus driver Mev who got us out of the car, called the fire brigade, cleared the road and then stayed to drive us home.

“Thank you to the police & paramedics who are angels. And the tow truck driver! And the mums & dads who stopped to help. We love you.”

Jessica’s husband, Channel Nine news anchor Peter Overton, told 2GB it’s all thanks to the bus driver that they’re safe and unharmed and managed to escape the car before it exploded.

"There was a bloke who got Jessica and Allegra out of the car, he told them he saw smoke and told them to get out," he said.

"Fire and Rescue and ambulance and police were there. They're all okay and they're home now. There was a real fear that the car could've exploded.

"I'll find out the bloke's details and get in touch to give him a very big thank you."

Jessica Rowe and her daughter Allegra
Jessica and her daughter Allegra were said to be inconsolable. Photo: Instagram/Jessica Rowe
Peter Overton and Jessica Rowe
Peter Overton told 2GB that his daughter rang him “in a state of despair”. Photo: Instagram/Jessica Rowe

Jessica’s manager, David Wilson, told “Jess was saying to me earlier that if the school bus driver hadn’t jumped out of his bus and run over to Jess’ car and told them to get out right now it could have been a much more serious outcome.

“The whole family is so very grateful to him for his quick action and courage. Approaching a car that was clearly in serious trouble meant he was also at risk of putting himself in harms way, and that’s amazing.”

Videos posted to Twitter show the car at about 3:45pm yesterday engulfed with flames on New South Head Road in Sydney’s East.

Peter Overton told 2GB that his daughter rang him “in a state of despair”.

“Everyone at work could see that I was absolutely traumatised when I saw my 14-year-old on FaceTime absolutely inconsolable,” he said.

“I saw in the background the car ablaze.”

The cause of the blaze is still unknown.

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