Jessica Rowe sets herself a lockdown challenge with glam outfits

While many people are using lockdown as an opportunity to stay in loungewear all day long, Jessica Rowe had a very different idea.

As parts of the country were plunged into lockdown over the weekend, the former Studio 10 host decided to set herself a challenge - to dress up in glam outfits every night for two weeks.

Jessica Rowe in a glam dress
Jessica Rowe has set herself a lockdown challenge. Photo: Instagram/Jessica Rowe

It all started four days ago when Jess donned a Camilla jumpsuit to celebrate her 51st birthday in lockdown.

“All dressed up and staying at home for my 51st birthday!! Life is good and I love getting older,” she wrote.


Then, Jess continued the theme into the next night, looking stunning in a black Romance Was Born fringed dress as she cooked up a storm in the kitchen.

“Tonight’s outfit is just perfect for cooking spag bol,” she captioned the post.

Her fans loved the outfits, with one person writing:” You are the epitome of happiness.

Jessica Rowe in Camilla
Jessica dressed in this Camilla jumpsuit to celebrate her 51st birthday in style. Photo: Instagram/Jessica Rowe
Jessica Rowe lockdown dresses
Jessica stunned in a black fringed dress for lockdown. Photo: Instagram/Jessica Rowe

Thank you for making me smile.”

“Omg a different outfit every event in the house,” another person wrote.

On Friday night, Jess stepped things up by taking a snap in a sparkly Romance Was Born dress, fluffy Carla Zampatti gown and her dog in hand.

“Cheers! How are you spending Friday as we approach lockdown? Well Daphne and I are matching,” she wrote.

“Thanks Jess for making lockdown fun,” one person commented, while another said: “I love you you make me laugh.”

Jessica Rowe in red self portrait dress
On Sunday night, Jessica looked stunning in a red Self Portrait dress. Photo: Instagram/Jessica Rowe

Saturday night’s outfit was another sparkly number from Rebecca Vallance, with Jess captioning the snap: “How are you doing tonight? Hope you’re okay. I’m managing by dressing up in fringes.”

One person commented saying they had changed from their day trackies to their night trackies while another told Jess she looked “fabulous”.

Last night saw Jess don a red Self Portrait dress while she leapt in the air for a snap with her dog.

“Leaping into Sunday night! Ready to cook baked beans! What are you cooking tonight??” she asked.

“Loving your lockdown outfits Jess - can you keep it up for 2 weeks (or longer)” one person asked to which she responded: “That’s the challenge I’m setting myself!!”

We can’t wait to see what outfits Jess pulls out of the closet throughout the two week lockdown.

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