Jennifer Lopez Hints at Relationship Problems With Ben Affleck

Jennifer Lopez seemingly hints at problems in relationship with Ben Affleck on Instagram. Above: Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck pictured at a celebration of life ceremony in 2022.

Amid speculation that Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are headed for divorce after two years of marriage, fans believe they've found evidence that the singer has at least hinted at problems in the couple's relationship.

On Thursday, May 16, the singer and actress was caught "liking" a social media post shared by relationship coach-turned-therapist Lenna Marsak in which she detailed apparent red flags of a relationship.

Among the issues highlighted, Marsak writes that not respecting a partner's time and lacking effective communication skills are two big ones that are impossible to overlook.

The five-slide infographic began by claiming, "You cannot build a healthy relationship with someone who lacks integrity and emotional safety."

"Trust is the foundation of a relationship. Without integrity, it's difficult to trust someone's words, actions or intentions," the Instagram post continued, "This can create an environment of fear, anxiety, and emotional instability, making it challenging to feel safe and secure in the relationship."

Another challenge to forming a solid relationship with someone, according to the post, is when one person refuses to communicate and enforces the silent treatment or doesn't think to respond to a text/phone call in a reasonable timeframe.

"When someone repeatedly fails to follow through on their promises or commitments regarding communication, it undermines the foundation of trust and reliability in the relationship. Consistent communication builds a sense of security and dependability," it explained.

The last warning it outlined suggested that people who "don't know what they want" or "who they are" are incapable of fostering a healthy romantic relationship because "Without clarity, we don't know where we stand. There is no clear direction, there is no stability or foundation for growth."

While many internet users found the post insightful, the comments soon became riddled with responses from fans that caught the 54-year-old acknowledging the post.

"Not @jlo liking this 😫," one wrote.

"'the post that jlo liked.' 😹🎭," another joked.

Even the creator showed the "Let's Get Loud" artist some love, sharing a screenshot of the interaction in an Instagram Story alongside the note: "Just logged onto IG and noticed @jlo liked my post."

"Please be kind to Jennifer Lopez," Marsak asked in a follow-up video. "Because she's a human being, and I do not know if they're getting divorced–I hope not."

Rumors about a potential rift in Lopez's relationship with the 51-year-old actor began swirling earlier this month when the Hustlers actress showed up at the Met Gala solo as Affleck attended to prior engagements in Los Angeles, where he's busy filming The Accountant 2, according to statements from his rep.

Fans then realized the duo hadn't been publicly spotted together since late March.

Though, in recent photographs, the two are still sporting their wedding bands, so there's still hope that JLo's recent "like" is merely a coincidence–or maybe she's simply reflecting on the reasons why past relationships didn't work out.

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