Jennifer Aniston Said Nicole Kidman Helped Her Through "Hard Things" While Filming 'Just Go With It'

Kidman was there for her.

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There's nothing a little friend time can't fix, and Jennifer Aniston is reflecting on a difficult moment when her pal and co-star Nicole Kidman was there for her. In a new roundtable interview with The Hollywood Reporter alongside Kidman, Jodie Foster, Brie Larson, Naomi Watts, Ana Sawai, and Sofía Vergara, Aniston revealed that she leaned on Kidman while filming their 2011 film Just Go With It.

"Not even having to do with the work, but just life," Aniston said, referring to her close friend. "When we did that movie in Hawaii, you helped me out on a lot of hard things that I was going through. Just to have that community, it’s very helpful."

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Aniston starred in the rom-com as Katherine alongside Adam Sandler as plastic surgeon Danny and Brooklyn Decker as Palmer, while Kidman made a cameo as Katherine's college nemesis.

The other women on the panel also spoke about how developing female friendships in the industry has helped them, including Watts, who called Kidman a "guiding force."

"Not to date us, but it’s a 40-year friendship," Watts said, though, the two joked that their friendship "started down at the pub."

Larson also opened up about befriending other women in the industry and how it has been a "game-changer" in her career.



“Over the years, I’ve gone out of my way to make friends with other women in the industry, because there was usually just one woman on a job,” she said. “It was just me, and there are things that make me uncomfortable or things that I’d like to change or to laugh about, and connecting with other women has been a game changer because you get to swap stories.”

Kidman wasn't Aniston's only friend on the film's set, however. Just Go With It became the first of many films Aniston would work on with Sandler. (The two also starred together in Netflix's Murder Mystery series.) Over the years, the comedian and his wife, Jackie, have become good friends of Aniston's. Last year, Aniston revealed in an interview with WSJ Magazine that Sandler and Jackie were there for her during her infertility struggles and even send flowers to her every Mother's Day.

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