Jeff Goldblum Says His Kids Will Have To Fend For Themselves Financially

Jeff Goldblum says there won’t be any handouts in his household.

In a recent appearance on iHeart’s Table for Two with Bruce Bozzi,” the “Jurassic Park” star opened up about raising his sons Charlie, 8, and River, 6, with his wife, Emilie Livingston.

Goldblum, 71, explained that he plans to tell his children they’ll need to fend for themselves financially when they’re of age, because “you’ve got to row your own boat.”

“It’s an important thing to teach kids,” Bozzi said during Tuesday’s episode. “Most people don’t.”

“Right? Right?” Goldblum replied. “I mean, I’m not going to do it for you. And you’re not going to want me to do it for you.”

“You’ve got to figure out how to find out what’s wanted and needed, and where that intersects with your love and passion and what you can do,” he added. “And even if it doesn’t, you might have to do that anyway.”

The “Fly” actor isn’t alone in wanting his kids to stand on their own two feet. Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay and political commentator Anderson Cooper have also said they don’t plan to support their children financially when they get older.

Goldblum, who became a father for the first time at 62, told the British outlet iNews in 2018 that he was “glad” he didn’t have kids until later in life.

“I’m glad I waited,” he said at the time. “It feels great to do it right now, because all the things I’m considering are perfectly suited to the big questions and challenges of having kids, and what you want to expose them to.”

He added, “What you want to leave them with, what life is, and what kind of life you contribute to them.”