Jazz Jennings shares a look into her weight loss journey: 'Starting somewhere is the first step'

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Jazz Jennings continues to share her weight loss journey with followers, giving a look into her workouts with brother Sander Jennings.

The 21-year-old I Am Jazz star has been sharing her life as a transgender teen and young adult on television since 2015, where she's discussed medical appointments, mental health and LGBTQ issues. But the latest journey that she's sharing with audiences is about her weight.

Jazz Jennings updates fans on her weight loss journey. (Photo: Getty Images)
Jazz Jennings updates fans on her weight loss journey. (Photo: Getty Images)

In a video posted to her Instagram feed on Thursday, Jazz shared what a workout with one of her older brothers looks like during a session of "Boot Camp with Sander."

"So I woke up early and I’m feeling motivated," Jazz said in the video before doing her workout.

She went through jumping jacks, planks and wall sits with plenty of motivation from Sander before sharing that she was "already struggling" five minutes into the workout.

"It's OK, though," she added. "We got to start somewhere."

People showed Jazz love and support in the comment section, cheering her on through for hard work.

"Congrats on starting your journey! Be consistent and celebrate all your wins!" one person wrote.

Another commented, "You got this!!! It will be hard but you have gotten through so many obstacles in life already. You will conquer this one!!!"

Jazz has become more open about her body and her health journey since sharing a side-by-side photo in June 2021 on Instagram, where she said that she had gained almost 100 pounds in under two years.

"I suffer from binge-eating disorder, a disease in which I’m not only addicted to food, but I eat it in large quantities," Jazz wrote, explaining that both her binging and some of the medications she's taking contributed to the weight gain. "I’m posting this photo because it’s time for me to address my weight gain and hold myself accountable. I’m ready to change my ways."

Jazz has become more vocal about her struggles with body image and movement, as well as her stance on body positivity and loving her body as it is.

"I honestly feel beautiful every shape and size," she said in response to a fan question on I Am Jazz. "But I will say I’m trying to lose weight for health reasons. I have to feel good too and I don’t feel good with some of the foods that I’ve been eating and so I really am working on this weight loss so I could be healthier and just more me."

For more information about eating disorders or to get support, visit NEDA (National Eating Disorders Association) or call their helpline at (800) 931-2237.

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