Jason and Travis Kelce Pledge 'Swear Jar' Money to Charity After 'New Heights' Fan Reveals How Much They Curse

Travis Kelce and Jason Kelce

Excuse their French! Jason Kelce and Travis Kelce might be frequent users of curse words, but they have the perfect solution to make up for it.

The two famous brothers will be literally paying the price for their foul language by pledging money for a "swear jar" that they will now be donating to charity.

It all started after a listener by the name of Elaine decided to make the idea of a swear jar for the Kelce bros' New Heights podcast come to life, even taking it upon herself to count how many times Jason and Travis dropped an explicit word on the podcast (and it happens often.)

Elaine said she has been counting swears since October 2023, when the brothers first toyed with the idea of making a swear jar, and the dedicated fan has even created a spreadsheet to track the amount of swears each brother uses. So far, Jason is at 366, and Travis is at 2,135.

When Travis, 34, was informed of his number, he was shocked, to say the least. "Two thousand??" he blurted out during their latest podcast episode, before jokingly calling the situation "ridiculous."

The Chiefs star even seemed to be in denial about his curse word usage, insisting "there's no way" he's used that many curse words. His per-episode usage was also revealed at over 68 swears per episode, which Jason admitted was an "aggressive" amount of curses.

"Elaine, what words are you counting? Because me swearing 60 times per episode is ridiculous," Travis said. "And to be honest, it needs to stop if that's the case."

"I guess you just care about charity more than I do, Trav," said Jason, 36, who tried to put a positive spin on his brother's swearing habits.

"I love to give back," Travis said before shouting out his New Heights fans for "giving a f--- about what I say."

"So thank you guys," he added while Jason giggled.

The former Eagles player then suggested that, in return for her initiative to tally up their swears, Elaine be the one to choose where the charity money goes—though nothing has been set in stone yet.

"Shoutout to Elaine for really putting in a f--- ton of work," Jason joked shortly before they wrapped up the episode.

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