Jane Seymour Recalls Falling for Her Boyfriend on a Blind Date After She Felt 'Done with Guys' at 73

The actress opened up about her relationship with boyfriend John Zambetti

Jane Seymour thought she was "done with guys" and the whole dating game. That is, until she met John Zambetti.

During an appearance on Tamron Hall, which aired on May 16, the Harry Wild star, 73, opened up about her relationship with Zambetti, recalling how she met her "extraordinary" boyfriend.

"I was very, very single. And a girlfriend said, 'You must come out with me,' and I went, 'Look I'm 73, I don't think I'm going out or doing anything. I'm done with guys, it’s not happening,' " Seymour told Hall, 53, revealing that "this guy walks past me" at the club they went to in Malibu, Calif., and how she "didn't think anything of it" at the time.  

"But the next thing I know a mutual friend of ours, who's a rapper called Shwayze, calls and says, 'Hey, I'm performing there next week. Do you want to come? I've got someone I want you to meet,' " she continued. 

The former Bond Girl added, "So I go and Shwayze does his thing and I'm there with Shwayze’s grandmother and this guy says, 'I think we're supposed to meet,' and I looked at him and went, 'Yes, we are.' That's the answer, right? I was told I was supposed to meet someone." 

<p>Stewart Cook/Getty</p> From Left: John Zambetti and Jane Seymour in January 2024

Stewart Cook/Getty

From Left: John Zambetti and Jane Seymour in January 2024

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Then, "long story short," as Seymour put it, she and Zambetti "ended up having a very, very long chat the next day with a cup of tea, which ended up having dinner. And then we realized that his son, Shwayze, and my son, Sean, they were all friends and he used to hang out at my house." 

As it turned out, the two sons spent time at both of their houses, "but we'd never met," the actress said, explaining that Zambetti was "happily married for 43 years until sadly his wife passed."

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She added, "He's the most wonderful, loving, extraordinary man. He's an ER doctor, very handy. And he has a rock band for the last 60 years called The Malibooz with Walter Egan."

While Seymour's account is more detailed, it echoes what Zambetti told PEOPLE in October 2023. 

"Our kids put us together," he said at the time, adding, "So we certainly don't have to worry about the kids not approving of who we were with. I'm very lucky to be with her."

<p>Ethan Miller/Getty</p> From Left: John Zambetti and Jane Seymour in September 2023

Ethan Miller/Getty

From Left: John Zambetti and Jane Seymour in September 2023

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In fact, the pair believe their union was written in the stars, as their sons share a common musical background, which is what they say led them to each other. 

"His son is a very successful rock musician with a group called The Palms. And his name's Johnny Zambetti," Seymour told PEOPLE. "And I have a son who's a rock musician too, Johnny Keach, so when we talked about them, we say 'My Johnny,' [since] they both have the same name."

Prior to dating Zambetti, Seymour has been married and divorced four times. She shares children Katherine, 42, and Sean, 38, with ex-husband David Flynn, and also shares twin sons John and Kristopher, 28, with ex-husband James Keach.

Now that she's with her boyfriend, Seymour told PEOPLE in October 2023 that the relationship has been "absolutely fantastic" so far. "I am having the happiest time of my life. In many ways," she said. 

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