Jana Kramer Shares Blunt Opinion of Travis Kelce

L: Jana Kramer, R: Travis Kelce

Jana Kramer is not on board the Tayvis hype train, despite what is surely an overwhelming amount of peer pressure.

The singer sat down with Josie Van Dyke on the most recent episode of her podcast Whine Down—called "Trash Talk with Josie from The Weekly Trash"—where trash-talking Travis Kelce was at the top of the agenda.

While chatting pop culture, Van Dyke admitted that she's "obsessed" with the celebrity couple right now, recently having a total fangirl moment when one of her own podcast listeners had dinner with the Chiefs legend and his girlfriend Taylor Swift—even sharing photo evidence with the host to boot—and shutting down anyone still claiming their relationship is purely PR.

"They're in love," Van Dyke emphasized. "It's real...I'm obsessed."

But Kramer was evidently not convinced, as Van Dyke observed that she was looking at her like a hater. "You think it's fake?" she asked.

"I'm not saying it's fake," Kramer hedged, before admitting that Kelce reminds her of her ex-husband Mike Caussin, who also played professionally as a tight end—and allegedly walked away from their marriage with the comment, "You know, I never really loved you."

"...it just feels a little corny, cheesy, like, loving the attention," she added.

Her feelings have changed since the beginning, as she loved watching Swift run off-stage to jump into his arms after one of her Eras Tour performances, owning up to watching the clip, which she thought was "the cutest thing ever," "one million times."

But Kelce's viral moment with Coach Andy Reid during the Super Bowl "rubbed [Kramer] the wrong way," as have some things she's allegedly heard that she declined to elaborate on.

She still "default[s] to...want[ing] everybody to be happy" and hopes for the best for the two, but between those feelings and the fact that she feels like "he's always drunk" in any video she sees, Kramer isn't feeling the hype.

The blunt observation comes just days after Kelce's close friend Patrick Mahomes assured fans that the "I'm partying, I'm drinking, whatever" persona is just that—a persona. It's also in direct contrast to many other observers who have called Kelce the "perfect" man or the "greenest flag ever" as they've watched him embrace the media craze that's come with dating the "Peace" singer and publicly support her over and over.

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