Jana Kramer and Her 8-Year-Old Daughter Make Bold Declarations About Taylor Swift

Jana Kramer and daughter Jolie Rae, Taylor Swift

Jana Kramer's daughter Jolie had a question for her regarding how the 8-year-old feels about Taylor Swift, and the mom of three answered in the best way a parent possibly could.

On a recent episode of the country singer's podcast, Whine Down with Jana Kramer, the 40-year-old revealed that Jolie doesn't necessarily identify as a Swiftie (the nickname given to the "Lavender Haze" singer's legion of fans), but was wondering if that is acceptable.

"She was at a birthday party, and she's like, 'Mom, is it OK that I don't like Taylor Swift?'" Kramer explained on the April 29 episode. "And I was like, 'This is so crazy because we've never had this conversation.'"

Given The Tortured Poets Department artist's major influence and intense popularity, the concern seems like a valid one for an elementary school-aged girl, who is likely surrounded by Swift-themed conversations on a very normal basis.

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But the "Dance in the Rain" singer had the sweetest response for her growing child, assuring her that it's perfectly okay to not go with along the crowd.

"I go, 'Honey, 1000%, you can like whoever you want.' I was like, 'It's just because she's super famous, you know, and everyone loves her, does not mean that you have to love her too,'" she offered.

"Just [like] the Beatles. It's like, you don't have to like that," Kramer continued. "And sometimes, I didn't like the Beatles because everyone loved the Beatles. So I've always kinda go opposite."

The "I Hope it Rains" singer went on to admit that although she "didn't love the new album," which Swift released on April 19, she does like some of the "So High School" songstress' tunes. "I think she's an insane entertainer," Kramer made known. "I still respect her as an artist."

Jolie aside, the One Tree Hill actress is also mom to sons Jace, 5, and Roman, 5 months.

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