Jackie 'O' Henderson upsets listeners with 'cruel' $250K prank: 'Horrible'

The radio host pretended to be in tears.

Jackie ‘O’ Henderson shocked listeners on The Kyle & Jackie O show on Thursday while playing a prank on one of her friends. The star was loaned some incredible diamond jewellery from House of K’dor for Kyle Sandilands’ star-studded wedding, including a $250,000 rare pink diamond ring.

As part of the show’s ‘Only Lying’ segment, Jackie called her friend and K’dor’s co-founder Zena K’dor in tears, pretending she had carelessly lost the ring while swimming. While setting up the prank, Jackie said she did feel a bit sorry for Zena, who was kind enough to loan her the jewellery free of charge.

L: Jackie 'O' Henderson on the radio. R: Jackie 'O' Henderson with a doughnut
Jackie 'O' Henderson turned on the waterworks for the radio prank. Photo: Instagram/kyleandjackieo & jackieo_official

“She is expecting me to come in today to return the ring, she’s been really kind, she’s like, ‘You just keep it, wear it, whatever’,” Jackie told Kyle.

“I’m going to tell her that I’ve lost it in a maybe, really careless way. She is the nicest person ever, and she never, ever, raises her voice or gets stressed.”

Jackie dialled Zena and added some teary emotion in her voice before launching into her fake story.

“Zena, I’m so sorry. I don’t know how to tell you this but I’ve lost the ring,” Jackie said. “The pink diamond ring. I don’t know what happened, I had it on yesterday and I went from tennis, and went to the beach. I think I lost it when I went swimming at Clovelly.”


The jeweller was stunned by Jackie’s confession but attempted to remain calm.

“We will sort it out. I don’t know why you would have worn it to the beach, like to swim with it,” Zena said, before saying she would have to speak to her husband and co-founder Tariq K’dor.

“I shouldn’t have worn it, I kept wearing it because I liked it so much. And I just, I’m so sorry, I was so irresponsible with it,” Jackie lied.

Jackie 'O' Henderson and her daughter at Kyle Sandilands' wedding
The radio star looked stunning at her co-host's lavish wedding. Photo: Instagram/jackieo_official

Zena asked Jackie if she could come for a coffee so the pair could go through the radio host’s movements before she lost the ring.

“Are you angry?” Jackie asked, with Zena assuring her she wasn’t mad.

“No no, we’ll find it, you’ll find it…let’s just track back to where you think you’ve lost it,” she replied, before Jackie said the ring came off when she was snorkelling.

“Oh f**k it okay, come in and we’ll have a coffee,” a worried Zena said.

Jackie then accused Zena of planning to make her pay the full cost of the ring, saying: “I just bought a house and I can’t afford this ring! You sound like you’re expecting me to pay for it now.”

The jewellery brand owner kept her cool and reassured Jackie that they just needed to get a metal detector to try and find the ring.

Finally, Jackie dropped another bombshell and pretended that she wanted to be loaned more jewellery for free from House of K’dor.

“I’ve got another wedding coming up…Zena, I’m only lying, I’m only lying,” Jackie laughed.

At this point, Zena had to take a beat to calm herself down and sounded like she was in tears herself.

“I’m not on air, am I? I can’t believe you did that to me, Jackie!” she exclaimed. “Oh my God! Jackie, I honestly thought that you and I had to go to Clovelly with a metal detector.”


Listeners weren’t happy with the prank and many deemed it ‘cruel and horrible’, since it was such an expensive piece of jewellery.

“I’ve dropped a ring myself, it’s a terrible thing, no one wants that,” one person commented on social media.

“Omg Jackie O that’s not a nice prank, how could you upset people like that?” another asked.

“This was awful to listen to…bad prank!” a third declared.

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