Jackie 'O' Henderson rushed to emergency room during radio show: 'Shooting pains'

"Last thing I want is her dropping dead and ruining a good Tuesday."

Jackie 'O' Henderson was taken to the emergency room on Tuesday after feeling unwell during The Kyle and Jackie O Show.

Her co-host, Kyle Sandilands, told listeners that Jackie had left the studio to get medical attention after saying she was experiencing pain in her arms and chest, which can be symptoms of a heart attack.

Kyle Sandilands and Jackie 'O' Henderson
Jackie 'O' Henderson was rushed to the emergency room during her radio show after complaining of 'chest pains'. Photo: Instagram/kyleandjackieo

It comes after the radio host shared that she'd undergone a medical procedure on Monday to remove a uterine polyp (a growth on the uterus).

"My arms are really hurting," Jackie said. "All my arms are hurting, like all the way, shooting pain down both my arms."

"The day after your operation?" Kyle questioned, with Jackie telling him not to make her 'freak out'.

He then requested producers get Dr Sam Hay, AKA Dr KIIS, on the phone, saying, "Last thing I want is her dropping dead and ruining a good Tuesday."


"I don't feel very good," she told the team.

When they got Dr KIIS on the phone, he said that while her symptoms could be heart attack symptoms, they could also be due to lack of sleep.

Kyle told the doctor what was happening, saying she had pain in her arm the day after surgery, with Jackie adding, "And chest pain... Not short of breath. I was nauseous before."

Dr KIIS said that if the symptoms didn't go away in the next couple of minutes, she should call an ambulance.

Jackie was meant to be getting ready for an interview with Studio 10's Angela Bishop when she began experiencing the symptoms, with Kyle telling the listeners, "She just stepped out for a lay down. She's got like a corset dress on and she had an operation yesterday."

"She also didn't sleep much because of Intern Pete's melatonin tablets that kept her up and then she's been on the Red Bulls this morning."

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