Jackie O breaks down live on-air after the Queen’s death: 'Very sad'

Radio host Jackie ‘O’ Henderson was in tears on Friday morning following the death of Queen Elizabeth II at age 96.

Her Majesty, Britain's longest-serving monarch, passed away ‘peacefully’ at her castle in Balmoral, Scotland after struggling with health issues all year.

Queen Elizabeth II and Jackie ‘O’ Henderson.
Radio host Jackie ‘O’ Henderson teared up while reflecting on Queen Elizabeth II’s 70-year reign. Photo: Getty / KIIS

Speaking about the sad news on The Kyle and Jackie O Show alongside her co-host Kyle Sandilands, Jackie became emotional as they reflected on the Queen’s 70-year reign.

The former Masked Singer panellist remarked that the monarch hadn’t been herself since the passing of her husband Prince Philip in April 2021.

“When you saw her at his funeral sitting there by herself you just knew,” she said through tears. “I knew she would pass soon after that. That was the saddest thing to see when she was at his funeral on her own.”


Jackie also choked up after listening to Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese’s tribute, saying that it was an “amazing” speech.

“I really, really thought that was a great speech he gave,” she said. “Because it really was interesting to hear her relationship with Australia, which is something we're not hearing about at all this morning.

“It’s very sad hearing that.”

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese.
Prime Minister Anthony Albanese delivered a televised address to the country just a few hours after it was announced that the Queen had passed away. Photo: PMO

Anthony Albanese’s tribute

In his televised address to the country, the Prime Minister said that the Queen “celebrated our good times and she stood with us during trials and hardships, happy and glorious”.

“In particular we recall the sympathy and personal kindness she extended to Australians afflicted by tragedy and disaster from floods and bushfires,” he added. “Throughout her reign, Queen Elizabeth II showed her deep affection for our country.

“As she said at the Sydney Opera House in the year 2000, ‘Since I stepped ashore here, I have felt part of this rugged, honest, creative land and I have shared in the joys and sorrows, the challenges and the changes that have shaped this country's history’.

“Queen Elizabeth II is the only reigning monarch most of us have known, and the only one to ever visit Australia.”

The Queen visited Australia 16 times during her reign, visiting every state and territory.

Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth II visiting Australia in 2011.
The Queen visited Australia 16 times during her reign, visiting every state and territory. Photo: Getty

‘It's a sad day’

Elsewhere during their radio show, Kyle Sandilands remarked that the Queen’s passing felt like a death in the family.

“I know that some people would be, like, ‘Oh, get over yourself,’ but no, I did love her. I did wave flags at the side of the road when she drove past,” he said.

“It's a sad day. A lot of people will be feeling that pain a lot.”

While he previously said it was unlikely he would continue to support the monarchy following the Queen’s death, he shared on Friday that he had warmed to the idea of King Charles III.

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