Prince Harry misses final moment with Queen: 'Very sad for him'

Although Prince Harry is in the UK, he missed seeing Queen Elizabeth II one last time before she died.

He rushed to Balmoral in Scotland to see his grandmother, but was one of the last royals to arrive.

Prince Harry being driven in a black vehicle to see the Queen
Prince Harry rushed to Balmoral in Scotland to say goodbye to the Queen. Photo: Getty

Queen Elizabeth II died ‘peacefully’ at age 96 on Thursday, after struggling with health issues all year.

On the Today show, royal commentator Dickie Arbiter said it was ‘extraordinary’ that Harry didn’t travel earlier with other members of the family, including his brother Prince William.

“King Charles III and Queen Camilla are really just down the road at Birchall, which is his Scottish home,” Dickie said.

“[Charles] would have rushed there pretty quickly as the Queen went under medical supervision.”


William arrived with Prince Andrew, Prince Edward and Sophie, Countess of Wessex, after taking a flight to Aberdeen airport.

The royal commentator added that it was ‘very sad’ that Harry allegedly arrived after the death of Her Majesty.

L: Black Range Rover travelling. R: Prince William driving Prince Andrew
Prince William travelled to Balmoral earlier with his uncles and aunt. Photo: Getty

Photos of Harry arriving at Balmoral shows how distraught the royal was during the tough time.

While the Duke and Duchess’ spokesperson originally stated that Meghan Markle would accompany Harry to Scotland, she ended up staying behind.

ITV’s Royal Editor Chris Ship shared his thoughts on Harry’s late arrival, tweeting: “Very sad for Prince Harry that — despite being in the UK — he didn’t get to see his grandmother, The Queen, before she passed away.

“They were very close and he spoke to her often despite his decision to leave the royal family.”

It’s unlikely that Harry could have arrived early enough to say goodbye, as it appears that his brother, uncles and aunt also didn’t make it in time.

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