Jackie O left baffled by 'simple' maths question on KIIS FM

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Jackie O was left stumped by a maths question supposedly meant for year two students on the Kyle and Jackie O Show on KIIS FM.

However, she wasn’t alone, with many others on Instagram left scratching their heads over the seemingly simple question.

Jackie O at the mic
Jackie O was left stumped by a maths question on her radio show. Photo: KIIS FM

It all started when a caller named Liam rang into the show yesterday, saying: “I’ve only ever seen a couple of people get it, but it’s so simple; it’s really not hard.”

The question was: “If you buy a baseball bat and a baseball and your total is $1.10 and the bat cost one dollar more than the ball, how much is the ball?”


“Ten cents, right?”, Jackie immediately responded, before Liam told her she was wrong.

”I can't understand because you've spent $1.10. There's only $1.10 spent... if it's $1 more…” Jackie said, after Liam read the question again.

After wrongly guessing again that the ball cost $1, newsreader Brooklyn Ross quipped up with the right answer, saying: “Wait, is [the baseball] five cents and the bat is $1.05?”

Jackie O at the mic
The 'simple' question caught a lot of people on social media out. Photo: Kyle and Jackie O

The question caused just as much confusion when it was posted to Kyle and Jackie O’s Instagram page later in the day.

Many people guessed ten cents, but others called the question ‘simple’.

“My son is in year 2 and no way he would get this. I’m an accountant and it took me way longer than it should have,” one person commented.

According to Psychology Today, the ten cents answer indicates that you are an intuitive thinker, and the five cents answer indicates that you “solve problems analytically, rather than following your gut instinct”.

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