Jack Vidgen explains reason behind surprising new look: 'Break the mould'

The singer has shared a lengthy post on social media clapping back at his haters.

Australian reality star Jack Vidgen has opened up about his brand new look while calling out social media users who have criticised him online.

The 26-year-old singer, who won Australia’s Got Talent in 2011 and went on to star in a string of reality TV shows, has recently appeared at a number of red carpet events wearing dresses, high heels and glamorous make-up.

Jack Vidgen wearing a white mini-dress with feathers.
Jack Vidgen has explained the reason behind his glamorous new look. Photo: Instagram/jack.vidgen

Taking to Instagram on Wednesday, Jack shared a heartfelt post thanking his fans for their support as he explores his “feminine side”.

“Just wanted to say a major thank you to everyone who’s been hyping me up/cheering me on while I’ve been glamming it up lately and exploring my feminine side,” he said.

“For everyone wondering I still identify as He/Him. I’m literally just having fun. We as a society have gendered fashion and the more I’m dressing like this, the more I’m uncovering and releasing myself of my own internalised homophobia as a gay man.”


While he’s received plenty of praise from his fans and famous friends about his new appearance, Jack’s also faced negativity online.

The I’m A Celebrity star shared a screenshot highlighting the backlash he’s received on TikTok, with users calling him “weird”, “ridiculous” and “disgusting”, but said that comments about his looks “really don’t phase me at all anymore”.

“The media were so vicious about how I looked when I was on The Voice a few years ago,” he wrote. “I’ve become almost completely desensitised to it but I think of all the young queer people who see it and that makes me sad.”

Jack Vidgen wearing a full face of make-up.
‘No one should have to tone themselves down to make the rest feel comfortable.’ Photo: Instagram/jack.vidgen

'Absolutely stunning'

Jack ended his post by saying he plans to “continue to push the boundaries and break the mould of society's expectations”.

“No one should have to tone themselves down to make the rest feel comfortable,” he said. “We don’t belong in their boxes!”


Jack’s followers quickly took to the comments to applaud his appearance, with a majority saying he looks “absolutely stunning” and “incredible”.

“I love this Jack! And I love seeing you dressing up,” MAFSJules Robinson wrote, while The Challenge’s Cyrell Paule added, “You look amazing! How people can talk about another’s appearance is beyond me”.

“Oh my GOD hold your beautiful gorgeous head high,” Chezzi Denyer remarked. “You are stunning. You are an inspiration and I LOVE YOU. Everyone else can piss off - They’re just jealous.”

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