I've Been In A Relationship For 8 Years And Still Don't Know If I Want To Get Married — So I Made A Pros And Cons List

Hi, I'm Morgan! I'm a 30-year-old woman, and I've been in a relationship with my boyfriend for eight years.

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Morgan Sloss

Aside from people asking when we'll have kids (never as we're childfree), the number one question we always hear is when we'll get married. But we've already lived together for seven years, raised a puppy-son we adore, and built a life together. Do we even need to get married? I'm still undecided.

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Fortunately, my boyfriend fully supports me in whatever I choose, so he's not stressed either way.

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So, I made a list of the pros and cons of marriage to help me with my decision:

Disclaimer: If you're happily married, that's awesome! If you're happily unmarried, that's also great! These are just my personal thoughts for my own relationship.

1.Pro: I'd love to have a wedding.

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2.Con: Weddings are EXPENSIVE.

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3.Pro: I could add my boyfriend to my healthcare plan.

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4.Con: The historical context of marriage leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

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5.Pro: It can be a good financial decision.

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6.Con: Marriage means giving financial control away.

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7.Pro: We'd be able to make medical decisions for each other.

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Hospitals consider spouses to be next of kin. If we got married, it would be a relief to know my boyfriend would make the medical decisions were I ever in some horrible accident or got super sick.

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8.Con: Divorce seems really, really hard.

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9.Pro: I would have beautiful wedding pictures.

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10.Con: If we got married, I don't know if we'd maintain this feeling of choosing each other every day.

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11.Pro: My boyfriend's family would officially become my family.

I'm very lucky that my boyfriend comes from such a wonderful family. I visit everyone back in California a couple times a year, and I go out to lunch with his mom every time. I miss spending the holidays with them all! We've visited his dad across the country, and he's also visited us. I already think of them all as family, but it's cute to think his mom would officially be my mother-in-law (though I've already called her that for years, LOL).

12.And finally, con: It's what everyone expects us to do.

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Any other pros or cons to marriage? Whether you're married or unmarried, how did you come to your decision? LMK your thoughts in the comments below!