Isabella Cruise: "I've got my Mum back!"

IN THIS WEEK'S ISSUE OF NEW IDEA: She’s the daughter of two of the most famous stars in the world – and is one of the most talked-about teens in Hollywood.

But Isabella Cruise – or Bella, as she prefers to be known – has never spoken about her controversial life... until now.

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GALLERY: Connor & Isabella Cruise - all grown up!

Talking to New Idea in LA last week, Bella, 19, reveals all about her relationship with her adoptive mum Nicole Kidman – which has long been the subject of much speculation, after a five-year period where they were not seen together publicly.

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Nicole with Connor and Isabella in 2001. Source: Getty

In New Idea's world exclusive, one-on-one interview Bella reveals why she hasn't been photographed with her adoptive Aussie mum Nicole Kidman since 2007 and the truth behind her unique family upbringing... Out now!