Internet Reacts After Woman Sends Sister Itemized Bill for Watching Niece

View of babysitter and kid using laptop in play tent.

Two sisters seemingly at odds with each other have gone viral after one sent the other an itemized list for watching her daughter over the weekend.

A screenshot of the babysitting bill was shared in a video posted on TikTok earlier this week and included charges for flushing the toilet, food the child consumed, and the accident she had in bed, among others.

The original poster, Jessica, explained that she had asked her sister to watch her daughter while she went to work. Sometime after she picked her up, she received a text demanding $72 for the favor, which Jessica called "ridiculous."

It probably goes without saying that the internet reacted in a fury, quickly taking the video viral as social media users filled the replies with comments like "I’m surprised she didn’t add toilet paper by the square on the list 😭😂," "I can’t imagine charging my sister to keep my nephew…that’s my baby" and "Start a list of all the favors you have done for her. Start since yall were kids lol." 

"The only valid charges are the Olive Garden meal and peeing the bed 😭," someone else wrote. "Everything else is wild."

"It's giving Mr Krabs giving Squidward and SpongeBob an invoice for breathing and existence 😭😭😭," another quipped.

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But it appears the TikTokers getting all worked up were simply fooled by amateur comedians who were very dedicated to the bit, as the "ridiculous sister" in question–named Jessy–shared a few now-viral videos of her own in response, and they were all tagged as "satire" and "humor."

Despite Jessy saying she was willing to take her sister "to court" to get her to pay, a quick visit to her profile would show a bio that includes the statement: "✨SATIRE✨ don't believe everything u see here 🤌🏼."

Jessy's satirical sense of humor and viral pranks have also amassed her over 125,000 followers on the video-sharing platform alone, so there's a chance Jessica isn't actually even her sister.

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