Embarrassing detail in Instagrammer's glam selfie

Kristine Tarbert
Senior Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

Talk about literally being caught with your pants down.

This influencer’s glam selfie has gone viral on social media after followers spotted a rather embarrassing detail in the background - can you spot it?

What's going on here? Photo: Twitter/ShanRose14

Shannon Butt (no, that is her actual name) posted a mirror selfie to her Instagram account and it was left up for 30 minutes before she and a friend realised you could see her boyfriend literally wiping his behind in the background.

“I was with my friend and we both immediately started crying laughing when we noticed it and I was like, ‘Oh my God I need to delete it’,” she told Unilad.

But after showing it to a few more friends they convinced her, with Henry’s permission of course, to re-upload the photo to Twitter so her followers could also get a good laugh out of it.

“As if I had this photo up on my insta for 37 minutes before noticing that my boyfriend is literally WIPING HIS ARSE in the mirror behind me,” the 22-year-old, from Gloucestershire, captioned the image.

The photo, and Henry’s arse immediately went viral, with nearly 130K likes and over 9,000 shares.

“Now this is the content I can get BEHIND,” one person quipped.

“Stand up wiper, respect,” another commented.

Shannon eventually re-uploaded the image. Photo: Twitter/ShanRose14

Thanks to a photoshop savvy follower on Twitter, Shannon eventually re-uploaded the photo to her Instagram sans arse.

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