Inside MAFS star Jess’ secret hen’s night

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The MAFS’ star’s hens night looked as wild as we thought. Photo: Instagram/thelifeofbt87

Bunny ears, faux fur and gallons of rosé; photos revealing the inside of Jess Power’s wild hens night do not disappoint.

Uploaded to a friend’s Instagram page just two days after the series first aired earlier this year, the wild images shed some light on what mischief the MAFS bride was getting up to before her mischief on the show.

The post captioned: ‘Jess’s hens’ shows the soon to be disgraced contestant living up her last night as a single woman, accompanied by friends and dressed to the nines.

Sporting a white mini dress and lace bunny ears, it was a definite Jessika Rabbit moment as she lounged on a sofa, pouting dramatically for the camera, underneath gold balloons spelling out her name.

Jessika… Rabbit? Photo: Instagram/thelifeofbt87

The party was organised with her friends, one of whom gushed about the realitystar in the caption.

“Best night with the best people, you have to be one of the most downest to earth,realest,genuine,funniest, loving person I have ever come across (sic),” the friend wrote. “Thanks for being you, your one hell of laugh (sic)”

The 26-year-old admittedly described herself as a ‘party animal’ when she first appeared on the show, and if these photos are anything to go by that was no word of a lie.

The bride-to-be is seen posing with friends, and in some images has toilet paper draped around her head, no doubt art of the popular ‘toilet paper couture’ drinking game.

Some toilet paper couture was likely on the menu. Photo: Instagram/thelifeofbt87
Jess was surrounded by girlfriends. Photo:Instagram/thelifeofbt87

There was also rose to spare; the wife-in-waiting is pictured pouring a generous amount of wine for herself which she later toasts the camera with.

The party goers were all pictured swigging from bottles and it looked like a night to remember… or more likely forget.

Don’t mind if I do… Photo: Instagram
A toast to MAFS? Photo:Instagram/thelifeofbt87

Perhaps best of all was this combination of Cruella Deville and playboy bunny vibes when she wore a friends faux fur coat.

Who wore it better? Photo:Instagram/thelifeofbt87

Since appearing on the show Jess came under fire for cheating on her allocated husband Mick with Dan Webb.

That relationship later came unstuck when Dan revealed footage of Jess flirting with Nick on the night they first hooked up had proven a dealbreaker, and the two broke up.

Later, Dan alleged that Jess had cheated on him with MAFS alumni Telv Williams, which she has denied.

At the time her reaction was to party off the rumours, and it looks like it’s her preferred past time.

Looking back at her hens night we wonder where if she could have had any idea how quickly it would all unravel.

At least it looks like she got one last single girl party in before it did.

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