Influencer shocks with wild claim about Allen's snakes: 'My childhood is a lie'

The surprising flavours of the iconic lolly snake have been revealed... and they're not what you think!

In a revelation that sent shockwaves through the lolly-loving community, popular comedian and influencer Tanya Hennessy has just dropped a flavour bomb about everyone's favourite childhood treat – Allen's Snakes.

Taking to TikTok, she disclosed information that had her followers questioning the very fabric of their candy-consuming reality.

Tanya Hennessy in two stills from her recent video on Allen's lolly flavours from TikTok.
Tanya Hennessy was shocked to discover her assumptions about the flavours of Allen's snakes were, in fact, incorrect. Photo: TikTok/@TanyaHennessy

The surprising truth about Allen's Snakes

"I found out some distressing news last night, and I just thought I would throw the information your way," she told her followers.

"You know Allens Snakes? The best? Like iconic? You know the orange Allen's snake – what do you think the flavour is? Like orange, right? No. The flavour is actually Apricot! WHAT?" Mind blown.


As if that revelation wasn't enough, she continued to drop more flavour bombs.

"And the green Allen's snake – the flavour is lemon. I'm not okay. WHAT?"

Packet of Allen's Snakes Alive lollies (left) and a pile of snakes (right).
Tanya Hennessy has revealed the unexpected flavours of iconic Allens Snakes. Photo: Allen's Lollies Australia

Followers were quick to respond, expressing their absolute shock and disbelief. Questions surfaced about the flavours of the other colours, with one follower exclaiming, "But if green is lemon (not lime?), what's yellow? And I'm scared to ask what red is. I'm not going to sleep tonight."

Others were compelled to confirm the newfound information personally: "Now I've gotta drive to Coles and get a packet to test this theory," one follower exclaimed.

Fans continued to flood the comments section in disbelief at the potential shattering of their longstanding beliefs.

"This means my whole childhood is a lie," one follower joked. Another admitted, "Orange and green are my favourites, but I had no idea that was the flavour of them."

Allen's Snakes flavours revealed

Indeed, Hennessy is spot on, with her shocking news officially confirmed by the confectionary giant itself.

A spokesperson for Allen's told Yahoo Lifestyle, "Tanya Hennessy obviously has a well-tuned palate. She's absolutely correct!"

For those still grappling with the idea that orange snakes aren't orange flavoured and green doesn't signify lime, we've got you covered. Here's the official breakdown of the flavours and colours within the iconic Allen’s Snakes Alive bag:

  • Green – Lemon

  • Orange – Apricot

  • Yellow – Pineapple

  • Red – Strawberry

  • Purple – Blackberry

And for the fans who declared their love for red or purple Snakes Alive (according to the confectionary company that's 64 per cent of lolly-lovers, to be precise), Allen's even responded with a sweet surprise last year – the introduction of Allen’s Berry Snakes Alive. This addition to the range includes the beloved blackberry (purple) and strawberry (red) snakes, accompanied by new flavours: blueberry (light purple) and raspberry (pink).

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