Influencers stun in before and after 'real' bikini snaps

A pair of influencers have shared stunning bikini photos to Instagram to show the truth behind some of the glamorous social media shots we normally see online.

Rianne Meijer and Vivian Hoorn, from Amsterdam, posted the ‘real’ bikini photos for their hundreds of thousands of followers showing how much of a difference a pose can make to a photo.

“Favourite. Hahah never not laughing with this one,” Rianne captioned the snaps.

In the left image, the woman can be seen sitting with their backs straighter, wearing hats, while in the second image on the right, they have removed the hats, are squinting and sitting much more relaxed.

Their fans clearly loved the photo.

“Love, love, love,” was one comment.

“Left, everyone on Insta, right us,” another mused.

“Feel this one,” a third said.

Rianne has set herself apart from other influencers by taking her followers behind the good, bad and ugly of getting the perfect Instagram snap.

Speaking to Yahoo Lifestyle previously she said: “For me it was the perfect way to give the influencer life a nice twist.”

“It was definitely meant as a joke. But most of all it was meant to shine some light on the fact that the pictures you see on Instagram are 1 in a couple (of) hundred.”

Rianne Meijer
Rianne Meijer is showing all her sides. Photo: Instagram/rianne.meijer

And she is not the only influencer to start sharing photos about the ‘reality’ of social media feeds.

Blogger Sara Puhto is famous for regularly sharing Instagram vs Reality photos herself, something she has been doing for year.s

The 20-year-old from Finland posts side-by-side images to prove how much of a difference angles and posture can make in photos put on social media.

“Just remember that when you’re scrolling through social media and see all the posed bums that you too have a great bum and that nobody looks like that 24/7,” she wrote on a post previously.

Blogger Sara Puhto
Blogger Sara Puhto is famous for regularly sharing Instagram vs Reality photos. Photo: Instagram/sarapuhto

And her photos always receive thousands of likes from grateful fans.

“This post literally just changed my life in a serious and legitimate manner,” one wrote. “I hated myself for not looking like the picture on the right all the time and only now - through this - I am realising how not everyone looks perfect all the time. Thank you so much for this.”

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