Influencer accused of ‘fixing’ $10,000 Instagram contest: 'What a scam'

It’s a tale as old as time: Another Instagram influencer has found themselves in hot water over a giveaway gone wrong.

At the beginning of September, former “Love Island” contestant Molly-Mae Hague celebrated hitting 1 million subscribers on her YouTube channel and wanted to give back to her fans.

She promoted a giveaway that included Louis Vuitton luggage, Apple products and a year-supply of her own tanning line. The total cost of the winnings was around $10,000 and was allegedly not sponsored by a company — Hague said she was paying for it herself.

More than 2 million people entered to win, which is to be expected since the terms to enter were so simple. Users just had to like the post, tag a friend, subscribe to Hague’s YouTube channel and follow her personal and tanning line accounts.

Sorting through 2 million contenders is a lot of work and Hague had advertised that the winner would be picked at random. So the reality star decided to pick 25 “random” names and put them in a generator to select the winner.

Hague announced the winner on her Instagram Stories on September 21 and then immediately started posting explanations for her process.

Credit: Instagram
Credit: Instagram

“We literally spent all week brainstorming the best way to … pick,” one of Hague’s Stories said. “There was no software or app that would allow me to put in two million (I repeat two million) IG comments.”

Hague concluded with, “Let’s be happy for [the winner]! She deserves it!”

The winner shared a sweet photo on Instagram, which thankfully only received positive comments.

Luckily, it doesn’t look like Hague has lost all credibility and her fan base. She even hinted that she’s planning to do another giveaway on Twitter.

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