I'm A Celeb's Tottie Goldsmith's breaks down over drug scandal: 'Lost everything'

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Tottie Goldsmith became emotional on Tuesday night's episode of I'm A Celebrity... Get My Out Of Here! as she recalled the moment she was found with drugs at a music festival in 2011 and the fallout from it.

The multi-talented star shared with the rest of her campmates how she "lost everything" after the scandal where police found drugs in her makeup bag that belonged to a male friend.

I'm A Celebrity's Tottie Goldsmith cries
I'm A Celebrity's Tottie Goldsmith broke down last night after recalling the 2011 drug scandal that saw her 'lose everything'. Photo: Ten

The man, who wasn't named, admitted to the authorities that they were his, but Tottie's name was leaked to the press, resulting in all of her work drying up.


"They slammed me, not only in Australia, in America, in England," she said. "I got trolled to the point they were saying 'You don’t deserve to be a mother,' like, that for me was the worst thing."

She added that she begged the man to come forward and clear her name, but he refused, suggesting that even if he did come forward, people still wouldn't believe her.

Derryn Hinch gives a thumbs up
Tottie revealed that Derryn Hinch 'has a lot to answer for' after slamming her on his radio show despite being a family friend. Photo: Getty

Tottie continued, through tears: "Charities dropped me, they were going, 'We can't be associated', I lost work everywhere. I lost my income, I lost everything. It absolutely sunk me. It was on every network, every magazine, every paper and it's hell, isn't it? It's hell."

She also slammed Derryn Hinch, who was a close family friend, yet still made comments about her on his radio show.

"Derryn Hinch has a lot to answer for," she told her campmates, adding that she's known him her whole life. "[He] said on the radio, 'It wasn't hers like it wasn't Lindsay Lohan's.' Derryn Hinch! Who knows me!"

I'm A Celebrity stars listening to Tottie
The rest of the group was shocked to hear the story. Photo: Ten

"I ran into Derryn Hinch at a restaurant and I thought 'I have to say something to this man'," Totti told the group who was comforting her.

"I walked over and my legs were weak … I said to him 'You know me Derryn, why did you do that, have you ever seen me do drugs?' and he just put his head down and I said 'Shame on you'," revealing she'd thrown his own catchphrase back at him.

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