I'm A Celebrity's Nick Cummins recalls wild near-death experience: 'Hair-raiser'

The former footballer revealed he almost bled to death after a bull attack.

Nick ‘The Honey Badger’ Cummins opened up during Wednesday night’s episode of I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! about a terrifying near-death experience when he was attacked by a bull.

The former Bachelor and self-titled “thrill seeker” spoke candidly with his fellow campmate Woody Whitelaw about the wild incident - which he said is one of “a couple” moments in his life where he almost died.

Nick ‘The Honey Badger’ Cummins on I'm A Celebrity.
Nick ‘The Honey Badger’ Cummins spoke about his near-death experience on I’m A Celebrity. Photos: Channel 10

Nick explained that he was bull catching in the Northern Territory and walked in between two bulls that appeared to be tied up to trees when things went awry.

“I was walking through and I looked at that one (on the right), I kept an eye on him, and then I got about halfway through and I just heard the hooves,” he recalled. “I got two steps in and then I heard the popping sound as the [horns] went through [my side], and it just missed my kidney.

“It went through obviously the fat, the muscle, and then the side of the kidney. The doctor, when I got airlifted or choppered in, they said, ‘That was lucky’.”


Nick went on to say that if the horn had pierced his kidney, he could’ve bled to death.

“That was a hair-raiser,” he remarked. “I was penetrated by a bull.”

Nick ‘The Honey Badger’ Cummins on I'm A Celebrity.
Nick described the incident as a ‘hair-raiser’. Photo: Channel 10

'It's a very different game now'

The SAS Australia contestant also spoke with Woody about how much his life has changed since he became a father last year.

Nick welcomed his first child with his partner Alexandra George in October, a son named Billy George Cummins, and said he tries to live a life with far fewer risks now that he’s a dad.

“When you’re a young bloke, you just want to take on the world and rip into everything and danger, what’s that?” he shared. “Big tree? Climb it. Big mountain? Hike it. Deep ocean? Dive it. Just have a crack at life.”

He explained that while he’d love for his “youngster” to think of him as someone who lives life to the fullest, he also has to prioritise his health and safety.

“The last two times I’ve gone spearfishing, I used to just dive down and go to the end of your breath and, ‘No, I can do more!’,” he said. “Now, I go down there for half the time, and on purpose. Even though the fish of the day or the week is there, you can see it coming in, that means nothing compared to that vision I just had. You just shoot to the top and let it go, it’s not worth it.

“The risk was the reward because that’s when you feel fully alive and all that sort of stuff. But since having a youngster, it’s a very different game now. You pick your battles.”

Nick added that he was “forced to grow up” when he became a dad, but he’s trying his best not to grow up completely “because then you’re bloody boring”.

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