I'm A Celebrity's Julia Morris updates fans on debilitating medical condition

The beloved comedian shared a pained selfie on social media on Tuesday.

I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! host Julia Morris has shared an update with her followers after she posted a photo on social media earlier this week of herself looking unwell and in pain.

The 55-year-old comedian was bedridden with vertigo, an abnormal spinning sensation that causes you to feel dizzy, nauseous and off-balance. It can often be triggered by certain head movements or problems in your inner ear and makes all aspects of everyday life extremely difficult.

Julia Morris looking in pain / Julia Morris on Taskmaster.
Julia Morris has updated fans after revealing she suffers from vertigo. Photos: Instagram/ladyjuliamorris / 10styling

Taking to Instagram on Thursday morning, Julia thanks her followers for their well wishes and revealed that she’s since been diagnosed with viral labyrinthitis, of which vertigo is a symptom.

The inner ear disorder is usually caused by a viral infection such as the cold or the flu and can be treated with anti-inflammatory medication.


“Looks like I’m gonna have to dye my hair blonde, get extensions and sing like this, ‘Oh I don’t know what’s going on!’” she joked. “That’s a very very tenuous callback to David Bowie’s Labyrinth.

“Anyway, thank you to everybody who reached out, I’m getting better slowly but surely. Oh the chucking!”

Julia's followers share their advice

Julia received plenty of comments from her followers when she asked for advice on dealing with the condition on Tuesday, with Yvie Jones admitting she also suffers from vertigo.

“I’ve had it when on tour,” comedian Dawn French replied. “Mine is related to the stage lighting. Sets m’brain off fizzin like a volcano. Try to diffuse the lighting maybe? And have an object that is lit in the darkness of the auditorium which your eyes can latch on to for focus. Good luck qweeeen.”

Others recommended anti-nausea medication, acupuncture, nasal decongestant spray, blowing up balloons to help “open and drain fluid build-up”, and visiting a vestibular physiotherapist.

“I suffer with it too,” Nikki Osborne shared. “I’ve fallen off chairs- people think I’m a drunk! I second the vestibular physio. Don’t look up or down. Get up really slowly. Stop caffeine and alcohol for a lil bit.”

“DM me - I have the BEST remedy. Works every time,” Home and Away’s Lynne McGranger commented.


According to Health Direct, if you have vertigo, it may feel like you are spinning, you are falling or the world is spinning around you.

"If vertigo is very bad it may prevent you from getting on with your life. It may put you off exercising or make it unsafe for you to drive," the website says.

While the website says that sometimes vertigo will get better on its own, they recommend lying down in a dark quiet room during an attack, sitting down as soon as you feel dizzy and trying to avoid triggers — such as certain head positions or getting out of bed too quickly.

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