Bizarre rule I'm A Celeb stars keep breaking despite warnings

Several campmates have reportedly been breaking some rules behind the scenes of I’m a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here! — and we’re not talking about Ash Williams’ contraband instant coffee!

In one of his first interviews after he was quite literally ejected from the jungle on Sunday night, Jack Vidgen has spilled a juicy camp secret: that he and his fellow celebs were constantly being scolded by TV execs.

Paulini curuenavuli and Jack Vidgen sing 'Amazing Grace' on I'm A Celebrity get me out of here australia 2021
Jack Vidgen has revealed a bizarre rule that he and his fellow I'm A Celebrity stars keep breaking - despite warnings. Photo: Channel 10.

Bizarre ban

Why? Well... for singing, of course.

“You basically weren’t allowed to sing any commercial songs,” The Voice star told

“But we all were anyway,” he added.

Along with Jack, there’s a veritable mini-choir of celebrities in the jungle including Australian Idol alum Paulini Curuenavuli, Toni Pearen and newcomer Alli Simpson.

“We were constantly getting told over the speakers [by producers], ‘Celebrities, don’t sing! Make up your own songs if you have to,’” the 24-year-old chart-topper revealed.


Cautious of copyright

The singalong ban is to prevent the network from breaking copyright restrictions on commercial music which can come with a hefty fine.

Copyright law varies from country to country and depending on the material but, in general in Australia, ‘copyright in text, images and music lasts for 70 years after the year of the creator’s death’.

So, how did Jack and Paulini get away with their stunning a cappella rendition of “Amazing Grace” that left their fellow campers in tears? The iconic song is a Christian hymn published in the late 18th century meaning the copyright period has ended and it’s now ‘in the public domain’.

Thank goodness, because otherwise we wouldn’t have been treated to the pair’s angelic voices!

stars of I'm A Celebrity get me out of here australia 2021 pose for a selfie in camp
Jack and Paulini's a cappella rendition of “Amazing Grace” left their fellow campers in tears. Photo: Channel 10.

Clever celebs

Of course, our celebs are a clever (and rather bored!) bunch so they discovered a work-around for the commercial music moratorium.

Instead of belting out covers of popular songs, they made up their own original pieces such as the catchy tune, “Rice & Beans” — no doubt inspired by their basic camp diet of, you guessed it, rice and beans.

The campers delivered a rousing rendition of their song one evening using pots and pans for instruments. It was so stirring that The Block star Jess Eva couldn’t resist busting out some sexy belly dancing moves.

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