IKEA's X-rated rug fail shocks shoppers: 'Can't unsee!'

Facebook users were in for quite the shock when they were presented with one of IKEA's newest rug designs due to it resembling something rather X-rated.

Taking to a Facebook group, one user shared a photo of the rug and asked, "Just had to share this new edition in IKEA flooring is it just me?????"

IKEA rug phallic shapes
A new IKEA rug is going viral for all the wrong reasons. Photo: IKEA

The rug, which is called the SPANGSBRO Rug, features a "geometric pattern" which is "inspired by modernist Bauhaus design" though many people were quick to say the shapes looked like they may have been inspired by something else.

"A penis rug," one fan wrote, while another said, "Haha! I asked my partner and said 'what do you reckon?' His reply was 'd**ks'."

Many people joked they couldn't "unsee" the shapes on the rug. Photo: IKEA

Someone else joked, "That is a very brave design choice." Another wrote, "I don’t think I have ever seen an uglier rug."

Others joked they couldn't "unsee" the phallic shapes.

One user said, "Once you see it... you can't un-see it," another asked, "How do I unsee this?"

The rug is on the pricer side for IKEA and is selling for $399.

X-rated Aldi enquiry

One Aldi customer went viral on Facebook after asking the seemingly-innocuous question of whether the supermarket sold lube. Photo: Getty
One Aldi customer went viral on Facebook after asking the seemingly-innocuous question of whether the supermarket sold lube. Photo: Getty

The rug post comes after another X-rated Facebook post went viral with a woman kicking off a thread on an Aldi Facebook fan page this week, after she wondered whether the supermarket stocked contraception and sexual health supplies.

"Does Aldi sell lube?" was the seemingly-innocuous question posed to the group.

Less innocuous were the responses posted, none of which actually answered her question – they don’t if you were wondering.

Many were flabbergasted that she had posted the question on the group, wondering if she had mixed up Facebook with Google search.

"Google search v Facebook - easily mixed up," one lady wrote. "This is hilarious," another agreed.

The woman who posted the original question clarified that it was no mistake, though claimed she was ‘asking for a friend’.

Other quickly flooded the post with suggestions of substitute products.

“Yes...if you're imaginative,” one woman responded.

“They sell vaso,” one woman pointed out with other suggestions including vegetable oil and even butter.

Needless to say, official medical advice strongly discourages people from repurposing cooking ingredients or petroleum jelly for personal lubricant.

Oil-based lubricants like petroleum jelly or baby oil, can even weaken condoms making them less effective as contraception.

With additional reporting by Penny Burfitt.

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