IKEA bucket hat people are going crazy for

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It might look like a bit of an April Fools joke at first - if it wasn’t October! - but this $3.50 IKEA bucket hat, made from the name material as the stores famous shopping bags, has been flying off the shelves.

The KNORVA bucket hat has proved so popular, 2,000 have been sold in just one day, clearing the shelves of stock in most Australian stores.

And customers online are blowing up about it online, with a Facebook post from IKEA getting over 6.5K comments, although a few at first didn’t believe it was legit.

Ikea bucket hat
The Ikea Bucket hat is flying off the shelves. Photo: Supplied/IKEA

“This is either a very late or very early April Fools Day prank??” one person asked.

But now, the hat does exist and is made from the same hardwearing and durable materials as one of the world's ‘most used’ bags.


According to IKEA it’s also “super easy to keep clean – just rinse and dry”.

And it’s clear plenty of shoppers were keen to get their hands on them.

“100% worth the trip just to get this!” was one eager comment.

“The ikea product we didn't know we needed,” another wrote.

Customers that haven’t been able to get their hands on the bucket hat are encouraged to jump online.

Some states can order their KNORVA online, subject to availability and while stocks last. IKEA Australia is hoping to access more stock to arrive in time for summer.

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