'More like sisters': Identical mum and daughter baffle TikTok users

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A mum and daughter have left TikTok users scratching their heads after revealing that there is 22 years between them in age.

People couldn't believe the duo aren't sisters after 18-year-old Veronika Zolotova uploaded a video of her dancing with her 40-year-old mother.

Mother and daughter lookalike
A mum and daughter have stunned TikTok by revealing there's 22 years between them. Photo: TikTok/zolotova_vero

Veronika and her mum, who hail from Belarus, caused much confusion, with people asking: “No, no she’s your sister?”

“I thought you were sisters” another person said, with another writing: “Mom? More like sisters.”

Veronika has over 13.7 million followers on the social media app and after the initial video became one of her most viewed TikToks, she decided to follow it up with another one.


The next video showed the pair wearing the same outfits but this time there was a voiceover saying: "Only the people under the age of 25 can hear this sound".

Veronika is seen nodding her head in agreement that she can hear the ringing noise, while her mother shakes her head.

Mum and daughter lookalike on TikTok
People couldn't believe the mum and daughter aren't actually sisters. Photo: TikTok/zolotova_vero

However, many of her followers slammed the video straight away, with one person saying: "I'm 44 and still hear it".

"I'm much older than 25 it sounds like a high pitched electrical sound," another person said.

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