Mum, 51, constantly mistaken for her daughters' sister

Meet the fifty-one-year-old woman who says she is often mistaken for her daughter's sister.

After going through a divorce at the age of 40, regional sales director, Rebecca Daubler, from Atlanta in the US, decided to take the time to focus on ‘personal growth,’ and now at the age of 51 she’s on a journey to inspire women to embrace their beauty and sex appeal, regardless of their age.

Rebecca Daubler in a red bikini
Rebecca Daubler is on a journey to inspire women to embrace their beauty and sex appeal. Photo: Australscope

“Beauty has always been important to me but there is such a huge focus on youth now. I wanted to help both myself and other women feel beautiful as we age,” Rebecca said.

Feeling much more confident in her body now than she did in her twenties, Rebecca maintains a healthy diet and exercises five times a week – with weightlifting being a key tip in creating her killer physique.

“Being sexy doesn’t stop as you get older. I stand tall and wear my life experience with pride,” she said.


“Lifting weights has been particularly amazing. Developing more muscles has made me both stronger and happier – and it's built a rear view that I’m proud of.

“I’ve loved the process. Taking pictures can show you how far you’ve come. I’ve learnt to embrace every imperfection and my body for all the things it does daily – like walking, and laughing, and loving.”

Rebecca also indulges in quarterly Botox sessions and underwent a breast lift procedure in 2018 - although it’s the fitness and diet changes she claims have provided her with a new sense of invigoration.

youthful looking mum with her daughters
Rebecca is constantly mistaken as her daughters' sister. Photo: Australscope

The glamorous mum is often mistaken for being at least a decade younger than she is. Rebecca has two daughters, 21-year-old Callie and 23-year-old Mckenna, and has even been mistaken for their sister.

While she’s happily settled with her new partner, 54-year-old Len, Rebecca has noticed she receives more advances from younger men with online fans deeming her a ‘true goddess,’ and ‘hotter than the sun.’

“I do tend to attract younger men now. Most of them say that they appreciate beauty but with the grace of an older woman,” she said.

“I get a lot of compliments about my legs, but also my laugh too. I tend to laugh out loud – head back, enjoying the moment – I think that kind of freedom exudes sex appeal.

“In the gym, men sometimes come to chat to me too. They’re always very polite although I do get the giggles when they open by asking me about my outfit.

youthful looking 51 year old in the gym
She claims online fans deem her a ‘true goddess,’ and ‘hotter than the sun.’Photo: Australscope

“It’s not always about your outward appearance though. Someone once told me that my soul was beautiful. He said that my real beauty came from within and the part of me that’s visible to the world was just an enhancement.”

Rebecca largely receives positive responses from other women her age, yet she has noticed that there still seems to be a pressure within society for women to tear one another down.

“I find most women that speak to me to be very supportive. I’m sure there’s some that judge me but I don’t seek those people out,” Rebecca said.

“I do think some women feel uncomfortable around women my age that are still vital and sexy.

“For example, during this year’s Super Bowl halftime show, there was so much uproar about Jennifer Lopez (51) and Shakira’s (43) performance. Strong, confident, and sexy women can be a lot to handle if you don’t feel good about yourself.

“Instagram is amazing for fixing this. I’ve met some incredible women that live life the way I do and we empower each other – which can only make us stronger, happier, and healthier.

“I think the key is setting small goals. Reach out to people you admire for support. Don’t be afraid to hire a trainer if you need help with exercise and accountability.”

Reporting by Australscope

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