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I upgraded my bed with Emma Sleep accessories and the difference was outstanding

You can improve sleep quality without buying a brand new mattress.

Humans spend approximately one-third of their lives sleeping, and we all know how lack of sleep can affect us in our daily lives. When I moved to Sydney in 2020, I ordered a cheap and cheerful mattress, along with some $10 Kmart pillows.

In an effort to try and improve my sleep quality, I started looking to upgrade my budget purchases this year. After some research, I settled on Emma Sleep's Diamond Topper, Emma Cloud pillows and a convenient Emma All Seasons duvet. The company has an array of great reviews, with one of my colleagues trying out their sofa bed last year.

Emma Sleep bed and mattress topper
I decided to finally invest in better sleep quality with the help of some nifty Emma Sleep accessories. Photo: Emma Sleep

I loved the fact that Emma Sleep offers a 100-night trial on their accessories as well as their higher-priced items. The items came promptly and were bundled into a few light and easy-to-carry boxes. I was so excited to see how my sleep would change, so I instantly opened all the packages.

Emma Sleep's Diamond Topper — normally $399, currently $299.25 on special

Woman sitting on an Emma Sleep mattress topper
A good mattress topper can help improve sleep quality. Photo: Emma Sleep

The mattress topper itself is made from graphite-infused foam which helps keep you cool, as well as a supportive HRX foam layer. It arrived vacuum-packed for easy delivery, but needed five hours to expand before I could place it on the bed.


It was easy to set up, and instantly transformed our average bed into a comfortable and relaxing space. The topper provides support with soft, yet firm layers, and helps keep your temperature regulated during the night. It also has a removable cover that you can take off and wash, making the upkeep really simple.

Emma Sleep's Cloud Hybrid pillows — $350 each

Emma Sleep's Cloud Hybrid pillows
The Cloud Hybrid pillows have an opening for your arm, with a foam insert inside. Photo: Emma Sleep

The Cloud pillows were interesting, coming with two holes on either side to allow side or front sleepers to place an arm inside. Nestled in the middle was a smaller foam insert, which does feel quite nice and squishy on its own. I wasn't a fan of the foam inside the pillow as it made it a bit too high for my liking, but my husband loved it. It's great that you have the option to customise it, especially since everybody has different preferences.

Emma Sleep's All Seasons duvet — normally $239, currently $179.25 on special

Emma Sleep's All Seasons duvet on a sofa bed
Their All Seasons duvet is light, compact and cosy. Photo: Emma Sleep

The Emma All Seasons duvet was light and cosy, with our cats instantly making themselves at home on the new and improved bed. It's such a good idea to have one duvet that works for the entire year, meaning we can save a bit of space on storage.


This was an easy way to completely revamp our sleeping situation without breaking the bank, but when we look to replace our mattress, we will definitely consider Emma Sleep's line. The retailer often has multiple sales, so it shouldn't be too difficult to snag a deal.

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